Demo & Dust on Delaware – How Do You Like Your Stairs??

Before our wood floors are installed we need to have “skirting”added to the stairs that go up to our loft area. And of course I seem  to “over think” the perfect stair skirting!!!  The photos below are our stairs that need “skirting”.


This is a typical stair skirting. The purpose of skirting is to protect your wall.

This is exactly the stair skirting we had in our previous home.

This is a nice skirting as it looks like they have attached base moulding to it.

The actual skirting of these stairs is really plain – but when the extra moulding was added it becomes spectacular. Especially like the contrast of the dark stain on the stair threads with the white moulding.

Another example of added moulding to add interest to stair skirting.

Try to envision this staircase without any of the trim and moulding. I think it would be a tad blah although I am sure this particular home is gorgeous!! Look at the accent that was added to the wood floor. Every detail was considered in this home.

I think I have a good idea what I want to do with our stairs. I went ahead and had 6 inch base trim added along with the skirting but after our entertainment/media center is installed I want to add a chair moulding. I will post more photos when this is installed.

I am anxious for our wood floors to be installed.

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