Demo, Dust & Dilemma on Delaware – “The French Pocket Door”

The thing that you think is going to be easy peazy turns into a big deal!! Our laundry room is off our kitchen where I will be building an island/bar area that will be looking practically into the laundry room.  I want a pocket door into the laundry with water glass in it instead of just plain glass like the one below.   Something slightly obscure, something that still creates an open feels when closed that doesn’t look to commercial!! Of course what I see in my mind ends up being a custom job!! Big deal! A big deal that will take 3-4 weeks to get here deal!

I can get this for about $150.00. But add the water glass and the price goes up dramatically!! I could of got this one etched but there are several negatives………….oils from your hands will permanently smudge it and if we put our dogs in the laundry we have one that would scratch the door and or glass. Not worth the risk on either issue – in my opinion.

Here is where I am placing the french pocket door.

Here is a great pocket door that has been pinned a zillion times on Pinterest. What a great kitchen. Love that dutch door.

source: Pinterest

Here is actually a french pocket door that is very custom……… even has Laundry written on it. It also looks like an advertisement for Mrs. Meyers. Which I do love that stuff – it is the best. I have started using her laundry detergent. Just in case you wanted to know.

Here is a door I found online . Not really what I had in mind.

source: Ambiance

I love how a french pocket door still gives privacy but gives an open feel also as it lets light in.

Source: houzz

source: houzz

This french pocket door looks like it either has rain or water glass in it.


I really like these double pocket doors – leaded glass.

source: houzz

And these are incredible as well – even though the picture is a bit distorted

source: Pinterest

Now these are the Mother of all french pocket door – really big doors. It does look a burglar could just slide on in with the way they are designed. I notice the craziest things sometimes.

Do you have pocket doors in your home?  I think they are great way to have privacy and not take up any space. Plus they add such an element of style when they go beyond just a solid pocket door.

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