Coffee Tables – and decorating them

I snagged a coffee table at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago.  It is not a “to die for” coffee table – but it will fill the void for a while. I really have been looking for more of a rectangular one – and of course I did find it but I think they made a mistake on the pricing!! Way too many digits for my budget!!

Once I got it home I started with the “tablescape” thing – I did one, then another, and another!  There just are so many options and ways to decorate your coffee table. I love to stack coffee table books, use trays and also some sort of greenery. By using these items it allows you to give scale to your table. When you get that winning arrangement it will be pleasing to the eye.

Here is how my coffee table is arranged for now – knowing me, it will be changed up all the time.

I found lots of other coffee table arrangements – hope you enjoy them.

What a healthy looking orchid.

Now this is a rather large coffee table but you can see tabletop books – not an orchid but very pretty flowers that really give this room focus.

Here is another angle of the same coffee table. Using books is a great idea especially when used to bring height to a piece of art.

Such a beautiful room. No books but there is an orchid.

Books and a pretty antique box.

Whoa there……………I am not sure about this arrangement, it just seems like a bit too much going on. Beautiful objects but which one do you look at?  Too much for the eye to take in. Hope I don’t hurt anyones feelings.

Books and orchid – and another beautiful room.

Ah – ha……….no orchid or greenery – but books.

I love this table – actually I love everything about this room.

This is Joni from Cote de Texas table in her family room –  she is a bit like me in that she is always changing things up! Every “change” of hers is awesome. She may not have an orchid on her coffee table but there is one on the end table

I really like this casual arrangement. Isn’t the wicker wonderful.

The great thing about trays/ baskets is that in an informal setting it allows you to keep things organized and neat. I have a large platter in our family room to keep our remotes in – it is a great in theory but my husband doesn’t seem to return them back to where he found them.

How do you decorate your coffee table? I would love to hear your ideas and see your photos!

Thanks for stopping by!!