In Search for the Perfect Light Fixture for a Master Bedroom

I always thought I was a “chandelier” kind of girl -but now that I am looking for a new lighting in our master I’m discovering I really like  all the fabulous pendant/drum lighting. Currently we have a very, extremely unattractive ceiling fan and  although we sleep every night with the fan on – I just can’t stand it’s “ugliness” when there are so many lighting options that really arouse my senses!!

Another reason I am looking closer to pendant light option is because we only have 8-foot ceilings. There are some guidelines to follow to find the perfect balance when you are picking out a light fixture.

• Measure the length and width of your room. Ours measures 15 X 16 so you add these 2 numbers together to get the diameter of your lighting fixture, which would be 31 inches in diameter.

• To figure out how low to hang you fixture, you will take he height of your ceiling times 3 inches. Our ceiling is 8 “, so 8 X 3 = 24. Our fixture should hang no lower 24 inches from our 8-foot ceiling.

Here is a photo of our master bedroom – I am sure you see that lovely fan and now understand why I want it to go bye-bye!!


And here is the chandelier I really, really want – but  it just won’t work because although it is less than 30 inches in diameter it just hangs down to low. Oh well – you don’t always get what you want.

I think this one is also lovely, which is actually better than the one above because i could shorten it to hang with only 2 links.

I really like this pendant style – it is very glamorous! But it may be a bit contemporary

for me.

This one is pretty as well.

Source: Bellacor

Ok – I like this one but wish I could change the silver to more of a brushed antique bronze and a creme shade.

Source: LampsPlus

I love this pendant style light – if I end up not choosing it for the master I think I will put it in a guest room.

Here is one similar but darker – it is pretty as well.

Actually I did find some great looking fans – which if I end up going the fan route my husband will be a happy camper!

Plus you can add a light kit to the fan to dress it up and give it some style.


This one could be call a “fan-chandy” –

Well I’ve got some decisions to make!  I will be sure and take a photo of my decision to show all of you.

Thanks for stopping by!