Gone to the Birds! Making Birdseed Wreaths for your Backyards

I have literally gone all out to attract birds to our back yard for the last year. I have always had bird feeders and if I may confess I would always let them run out of food. Yes, I do feel bad about that. I saw this birdseed wreath at one of the  big box stores over a year ago and thought it was cute.  I really did not think that paying $19.99 was a value.   Instead I purchased a big bag of birdseed and went home in search of how to duplicate the wreath below.


I found several blogs that had done a birdseed wreath before and theirs was just what I wanted. The first one I tried was by Under The Table Dreaming. Her recipe is birdseed, gelatin and water. I made a bunch of these for myself and then some to give to my friends and tied a cute ribbon on them. But my birdseed wreath made just with the gelatin mixture did not hold up to those dang squirrels! They thought these cute little wreaths I was making was an easy food source for them. Oh! Those squirrels make me so mad sometimes!! Even Martha Stewart does her version of a birdseed wreath – of course she does. Her’s uses suet and I have had a hard time just find plain suet, the kind that you melt. Then I finally discovered that flour and corn syrup was a secret ingredient which makes it strong  and sturdy but still allows the birds to feed. I found this recipe at The Mom Huddle blog which adds flour and corn syrup also.  I have tweaked the recipe and now don’t even measure anything.

Here’s the recipe:

Take a big bowl and add about 4 cups of birdseed.

Then in another container and I use my 4 cup pyrex container: heat 1 cup water and dissolve 2 packages of gelatin in it.

Add 1/4 cup corn syrup to the gelatin mixture -whisk together

Then add about 3/4 cup flour. Continue to whisk together as it will almost look like glue. Now add this to your birdseed and mix it all together until  it is all sticking together.

Use a cooking spray on the container you use before adding your birdseed mixture.

Then I add all the goo! The gelatin, water, flour and corn syrup. Stir until all the birdseed is coated.

This is the dish I use most often with a little squirt bottle for the middle. Hey! Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

Be sure to spray both with cooking spray.

 After about an hour you can remove the wreath from it’s container.

I then put it on a cookie sheet and let it sit for 24 hours to get nice and hard.

Here is one I did in the Fall


One for Christmas time

Here’s  a different angle – there are 2 male cardinals and a woodpecker feeding at the same time.

Even looks like the cardinal on the left is looking at the camera.

And of course with it being almost St Paddy’s Day I tied these wreaths with some strips of shamrock fabric I had.

Yes, that’s our Bella girl in the background! Loves the camera. I trained her well.

Go make a wreath for your yard. It takes me about 5 minutes to make the wreath and

hours of enjoyment to see all the birds come to enjoy it.