Things I “Need” Week – Bed Crowns

I have always wanted a bedroom with a bed crown or corona! I thought I would do one in the new house we have now, but after I  showed my husband  what I wanted , he rolled his eyes, shook his head, then he looked at me ever so sweetly and said, “let’s not”. Hmmmm – think that is his way of saying no.  I love those things and will not give up that easily so I am thinking about putting one in our guest room that just has a twin bed. I doubt my husband would mine that location seeing that he most likely will never sleep in that room. Actually, my husband really doesn’t offer his opinion that often. I just made the mistake of asking him what he thought.  I normally just go ahead and do what I want. It is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission is my motto!!

How fun is this room?? So very girly. But I like the crown itself.


Very feminine room. Love the shape of the crown and it’s detail. It is even monogrammed which always gets me all jazzed.


They are perfect for daybeds. Love the pom-pom fringe.

This is more of a valance. Love that monogram!! And of course the ottoman is perfect to set in front of the daybed.


Talk about over the top!!

There are no limits to being creative with a bed crown. Smocking,  upholstered headboard and tons of pillows.


A true bed crown.

Total glam!!


Ok – this is one of the  photos I showed my husband. Now, granted we do not have those fabulous ceiling but I sure do like this room. Kinda looking at that chandelier…….is it a bit too small?? I am not being judgmental but it was just a thought that popped into my head. Hey, I’m just a girl with a wish list miles long!!


Thanks for visiting my blog. When the bed crown is finished I will post the photos.