The Importance of your 5th Wall – From Popcorn to Plank

Wood is not just for your floor. With a remodel in the near future I have been scouring photos of everything “home”. But for the last couple of years I have been taken with wood ceilings. There are some unbelievable ceilings out there. It is the plank ceilings that have my attention. Unfortunately we have those lovely popcorn ceilings. Seriously it is hard to fathom that those were popular. How could popcorn ceilings ever be seen as “cool”?  I like popcorn as a snack and especially at the movie theatre but not on my ceilings!! Oh well, what can I do now other than deal with them and move on?

The main rooms I am focusing on now are the kitchen and the family room. Here are some incredible and creative use of dealing with your 5th wall. But as you look at all of these photos imagine the ceiling without the plank design.  It kinda makes you think why we would only have plain and boring ceilings – doesn’t it?

This is exacting the ceiling I would love to have.

source: Houzz



This kitchen has tons of character – not only the plank ceilings, but the cabinets mimic the awesome window over the sink. Looks like they have wood counter tops………I am not a fan of those because I have them. But that is a whole “nother” post. Oh, yeah – that farm sink is pretty awesome also!!!


I am not sure what room this ceiling is in but it is incredible. Reclaimed wood in a herringbone pattern. What is not to love?

 I imagine this is in a dining room.

source: House Beautiful

This is in Phoebe Howards showroom in Atlanta. The wood is bleached and incredible.

Yes sir! I would be a happy girl having my breakfast in this room every morning. Every detail is so perfect. But again, I think the ceiling is what really makes the room.

I love this wood planked coffered ceiling. Perfect for a family room.

source: Decor Pad

Again , not sure what room in the house this ceiling is in. Perhaps the entry. It is a true work-of-art.

All the details of this room are incredible. The windows, the herringbone brick floors, the moulding, and the sconces. Not to mention the blue plank ceiling.

Ahh, look at the pup on the swing. The Good Life!! I love this porch but trying to figure out the fan & the lantern. Are they one fixture or two??  Love the aqua blue ceiling.

Even bedrooms are a perfect place for plank ceilings

Source: Phoebe Howard Showroom in Atlanta

Source: Meridian Road

Source: Pinterest

SO! What do you think of plank ceilings – or wood ceilings – or beadboard ceilings? Do yo think they make a difference in a room. I would love to hear your opinion.

DIY – Bead Board Doors

Our home is a fixer upper! And we are taking one project at a time. We have these double doors on the outside of our home off our deck and they were “de-laminating”. Not sure I have ever said the word “de-laminating” before……..much less typed it. De-laminating or not they were basically ugly! I knew the look I wanted for these doors but geez they were a bit  pricey. Especially when you buy two of them. I wanted it to look like there was a wine cellar behind these doors. My own fantasy wine cellar!!

Here is what a “de-laminating” door looks like. See those lines?? Yuckers!! And aren’t the door knobs lovely??? They were pitted and crusty. These doors have zero character! They were just so “blah”!

Actually our furnace and hot water tank are behind those doors. Very common in our neck of the woods.

So here’s the plan………..apply bead board on top of the existing doors.

Using our trusty level we applied lots of liquid nail plus small trim nails. We wanted to make sure that no water could get behind the beadboard we were applying.

With the addition of every board the level was used again and again and again!


We continued across with the bead board. We also took off those nasty door knobs. Then we applied several coats of our house paint. It already looks better and there isn’t even hardware yet!

Now the good part……..the hardware.

I searched high and low for “dummy hinges” as they’re called.  I needed 6 total – 3 for each side.  I finally found a great web site whose prices were fair and not crazy expensive. Plus they mailed them to me super fast.

source: Wild West Hardware. com

Decorative Dummy Hinge
Decorative Strap Hinges
Unique Aged Pitted look
Cast Iron (approx. 1/4″ thick)
14″ long x 3 3/4″ at widest point
Black Powder Coat Finish
Complete with mounting screws

$18.95 ea.

I was pretty pumped because the ones I was finding were any where from 70-80 buckeroos!! Too much for me!!

I did want to age these a bit………. took some of our house paint and watered it down and painted it on and then wiped it off.

These handles I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I did the same thing to them. They were rust colored and not the look I wanted.







Looks better, huh!!!  Don’t you think it looks like there could be a wine cellar behind these doors??

One project we can cross off our list!!

“Things I Love” Week – Beadboard

Something about bead board has always attracted my attention. It is probably because it just adds character and charm to where ever it is used.  It also gives off that “homey” feel.

Beadboard  can be used literally everywhere – from the walls to the ceiling. In the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom and even in the foyer.  Beadboard has no limits.


How would you like to have an entry like this one. Whoever created this masterpiece is one talented individual.

I am thinking this is a mud room – whatever it is I love it. Very charming.

I think this bathroom is super cute.  I love the tile floor, the antique chair, the towel rack and then adding this pop of green makes for a wow bathroom.

I love this bathroom. Very classic and clean.

Another great bathroom with all the perfect touches. Love the marble floor tiles and the tin lights. Charm!

Never forget about your “5th” wall. I am sure someone’s neck was killing them after doing this ceiling – oh, but so worth it. Details!!


Here is the similar treatment done in a kitchen.

another wonderful ceiling

A charming bar area in a kitchen using beadboard as the bashsplash. I love the monogramed mugs that are displayed.

I have always wanted a banquet seating area in our home. That table is awesome and look at the plates arranged around the television.

This looks to be a living room and dining room. So many great details.  Beadboard always stands out more when you add the molding and the great looking baseboard. I also love that painted above the dining room table.

source: House of Turquoise

OH MY! What a great porch. This is a room that you have to look at each and every piece placed in it. The walls! The ceiling! The floors!

Beadboard walls in the bedroom create texture. So much more interesting than just plain walls.


This is technically not beadboard – the sizes of the board vary which really makes for more interest and texture. Wow, what a beautiful bedroom. It is casual and elegant all at the same time.

source: the well appointed house


What a wonderful little boy’s nursery. I think the beadboard makes everything look crisp and clean

decor Pad

I am loving everything about this room. The curtains really dress this room up.

Decor Pad

I get so excited when I see rooms like this. This nursery with the beadboard painted taupe is incredible – but I can see it transforming as the child gets older.

Check out this ceiling.

What a great laundry room.

Beadboard cabinets in a laundry room.

I think I could be pretty darn happy with a pool like this – geez it is awesome.

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