Using Shutters & Doors as Decorating Elements

I love it when certain items like doors and shutters get used for a totally different purpose. It certainly makes things more interesting.  I posted not too long ago about some junky doors I had found at estate sale that I distressed and gave patin too and then hung the doors in one of the guest rooms. Then yesterday I got my Pottery Barn catalog and they had used a door style shutter for a headboard.   Of course this room is staged for perhaps a 2nd home because it has a bit of the beach feel to it. Or a lake home. The rope around the picture above the lamp makes you think of a boat – where there is boat there’s water.

All I can say about this look is “WOW”

I saw this photo on Joni’s Cote de Texas – shutters displayed next to a trumeau mirror.

All of the pieces compliment each other so well

Yes, this would be awesome in a little private garden somewhere. Again all of the elements work so well together.

This arrangement is the work of Brooke from Velvet and Linen.



I especially like hanging pictures or plates on shutters.


Great outdoor room

I have always loved this bedroom. There is layer after layer of wonderful elements.

source: houzz

source: houzz

These look like old garage doors. They add so much interest to this room. The room would be so blah without the doors.

 source: houzz

Here are the doors I did couple of weeks ago – they started out as beat up interior doors and I distressed them.

You can find the steps here

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“Things I Love” Week – Barn Doors

We are getting ready to start a much needed remodel on our home that we bought almost 2 years ago. This home is a true fixer upper. I thought we would of started and finished the remodel by now. But I am glad we haven’t because over the course of 2 years I have changed my mind on some things. I have found that I can  make decisive decisions for others but when it comes to my/our home I fret over so many of the details – for instance I have got 4 bids on just windows alone. I am happy to say that it was worth it to get 4 estimates because of  a big savings and the same energy efficiency .Needless to say I have researched everything house related. We are going to start in the family room which connects to an open loft that is the size of a 3 car garage. After that we move to the kitchen and then to the living room. Hopefully after that (and if we still have any money left) we will re-do our master bath.

For our loft area that will be used for a man cave and a hobby room for me I would like to use barn doors. My cabinet builder said just show him a photo and he can do it!! Here are the many photos I collected for him – now to narrow my search down.

I think these are pretty cool and I am sure they came with a history – a little rustic or industrial for my taste though. I love the chalk board that surrounds them.  Whoever the parents are – I know they are cool people!!

These are great barn doors – they would be close to what would work in our home. I love the wood they used.

These barn doors are too rustic for me – but I do like the hardware.


AAAAHHH – I really like these. These would be more what would work in our home.

These look huge – but I like them.

I found these barn doors on The Polished Pebble blog.

These are some very BOLD barn doors.They hide the ugly task of laundry!!

This barn door is classic and clean in my opinion. The door style looks to stay with the style of the home – but the home owners added interest by adding the barn door hardware. Just imagine that door on a hinge………… would just be another door …………add the barn door hardware and we take notice!! It is all about the details!!!

These are barn doors made of reclaimed wood.


This is a bit of the style of barn doors I am looking for. I look the combination of the wood plank walls with the barn doors. It all seems to work together.





There are even glass barn doors.



Which barn door best fits your style?? I like them all!  Liking them all makes it a tad bit hard to make a decision!

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