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 Poor me! I live in a city that really does not have any good fabric stores. Well, actually we have two – but I never find any fabric that really wows me.  When I moved to Tulsa from Houston I literally had withdrawals!! I love to look at fabric even when I don’t need fabric. Hard to explain, just something that turns me on!

I snagged these Baker wing backs at an estate well over a year ago. If I still had a grandmother she would love the fabric. Me, not so much!! I bought them because I just liked their style even if I had to look past the “granny” fabric.



I have spent the last year looking for fabric and finally found what I wanted at FabricGuru -an online fabric store. And the price was right!  The problem is that  it does not have a front or back. So, just when I find the fabric I love – now I have to decide which side of the fabric I want.

Do I want this side???



Or do I want this side??????  This is stressing me out!!



I feel silly that I am making such a big deal out of it!! Kinda know which side speaks to me the most. Just hope when my upholstery guy shows up tomorrow I am confident in my decision!!



What’s your opinion??

Check back to see the big reveal!!  I also have another project I used an online fabric store that I need to share with you.


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