Things I Love Week – Copper Gutters, Downspouts & Water Chains

A friend of mine has a new house going up next door to her. This week they have been installing the gutters on the house – ahhhhh and they’re copper.  I love copper gutters!Using copper gutters is just another “attention to detail”.  It really makes a home stand out in a crowd!  Normally when a house is having gutters installed, you don’t even look twice. But when they’re copper……… just notice! Now today they’re a bit too “copper” if ya know what I mean. Even my friend thought they were a bit garish. Just wait I told her……. and they will have the best patina ever!! Ever!! In my dream home I will have copper gutters.

Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me when I was at my friends house but here are some houses with copper gutters.cooper




What I really, really, REALLY gets me excited are copper”leader heads”. Honestly, when I saw them the first time I had no earthly idea what they were called. Just knew I liked them. I liked them because they made such a different – again, that little detail that makes such a difference! Regardless of what your gutters are you can get leader heads made in any materail

This is a “leader head” – very strange name if ya ask me!!



Look at all the options you have!! Too many!


So, it is very doubtful that we will take down perfectly good gutters and replace them with copper. That would require us winning the lottery.

So in the meantime…………….I will satisfy myself with a copper rain chains. Don’t know if you have ever been able to watch a rain chain when it is actually raining – but they are quite mesmerizing. If it would ever rain, I could show you ours………..but it seems like we are in a drought here in Tulsa, Oklahoma…….but Mr. Weatherman says rain is in our future!! Come on rain. We need you bad. Real, real bad!!



Are you a fan of copper gutters? Or have you even thought what an impact copper gutters could make on your home?? Hopefully, seeing these photos have made you see what a difference they can make in your home’s “curb appeal”.

Let me know what you think of copper gutters.

Thanks for visiting!!


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