Let There Be Light

I found the neatest little LED lights that are on a timer. I have placed them on our dining room table. The cool thing about them is that they’re on a timer. Not the type of timer that you have to spin multiple dials………..this one is easy-peasy!! Push one button and it stays on for 6 hours – turns off for 18 and back on when you originally pushed that little button. No brainer!

I am still using the silver, gold and bronze theme on our dining room table.





Even placed them in an urn


We got our lights at Nell Hill’s in Kansas City………love her store. I found these online which I am pretty darn sure are the same thing.


Oh! It’s so much fun to decorate for Christmas!!  Just kinda dread the “puttin up” part!!

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Our Christmas Front Porch

I love decorating our front porch for the holidays. I was especially jazzed that I was able to use the same decorations we had in Texas which has been stored for the last two years. Of course I had to spiff em up a bit. The front doors we had before  our remodel were seriously ugly! Go check out this post and I am sure you will agree with me.

The red and lime green color combo stands out from the street.


 I love the pinecones I picked up at Home Depot several years ago. They still have ones similar this year.



 Our front porch at night – all sparkly and festive!!


I am going to be kinda sad to take down our decorations.  Things always look so plain after Christmas. A bit of a let down!!

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OH Christmas Tree!

Oh dear me! I just totally quit blogging! It is so true what is  said about habits – they are easy to drop and hard to pick up again! We have “almost” got things back together after our water leak that caused nasty damage to our new hardware floors. Still have a list of stuff that still needs to be done.  But there is something about Christmas that really motivates me to get the list finished. We actually had not put up our big Christmas tree the last two years but we did this year. YAY – a sign that things are getting back to normal in our home.

I did our tree this year in silver, gold and bronze. I was really proud of myself that I did not buy anything new. Shocking!!

IMG_0894 - Version 2







A little confession ………………..I love to see lots of presents under a tree so I wrap up boxes with absolutely nothing in them.  My family just accepts this as normal. If there is not a tag it’s just a fake gift!! Kinda sad that I go to this amount of trouble but seriously………do you not agree with me that a tree looks better with lots of packages under them?? I know there some of you out there that do the same thing………right???

Ok….my plans are to post more about our Christmas decor tomorrow.

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