Shhhhh! We Have Skeletons in our Closets

Well – we really don’t have skeletons in our closets. Or maybe I could be in denial. And not really “skeletons”  as in more than one skeleton – just one skeleton. This particular skeleton has been part of our family for almost 30 years. We are quite fond of him as he is of us.

He really likes to be part of our family and join us when we’re chillin in the evening. He has very good manners, never interrupts, keeps his hands to himself and his hands in his lap. The perfect guest!!

 He also  likes to hang out on the front porch to show off our pumpkins.

And sometime he really gets out of control…………….striking his sexy pose!!

Guys gone wild!

I still have the pattern for this guy. Thought that one day I would be making one for a grandchild – still waiting on that occasion.  For now I am still having fun with this guy!!

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Happy Halloween to all!!


My Fall Front Porch – Better Late Than Never!

With all the “remodeling of the remodel”, I finally spiffed up our front porch for fall.  While they were repairing our wood floors indoors we were having flagstone laid on our front porch so I had to wait on the job to be completed before I could decorate our front porch.

Here is the before……….just plain and boring concrete.

We added brick to the curb of the front porch to match with the brick arch on the porch.

And yes – our brick mason is a lady!! How bout that!

So now that it is finished it was time to decorate.

I had so much sample paint left over from deciding what color  to paint our cabinets that I used some of the paint on our pumpkins.

I love fall!!! Our leaves are just now starting to turn colors which is later than normal. I am sure it is because we had a gross (very gross) hot summer here in Oklahoma with hardly any rain. Seriously, I can hardly remember what rain looks like!!

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Remodeling the Remodel!! Does That Really Happen?? YEPPERS!!!

Ok – I know I have not posted in a  long time. Big Bummer Story…………but we had a water leak on our new, gorgeous, pristine hardwood floors and it really let the wind out of my sails!! As I have said before, I have really enjoyed the remodel process – even tho it was stressful at times. But I seriously had a bad case of denial when it came to getting a grip on the fact that we were going to have to again move everything out of our house to repair and replace the damaged floor. We even had to move out the appliances in our kitchen. Not to mention working with our insurance – that may be another post!!

Here is the process of ripping out damaged wood floors. Once the floor is removed the “dry down” begins……………….seal off the area and add the fans and dehumidifiers. Noise!!

 Heat it up – dry it down!!

With the plastic barriers up the temperature got up to over 90 degrees.

The guys in the background are un-hooking (is that a word?) our Wolf range and moving it to our garage.

All of this equipment was running in our house for 5 days. 5 long days!! Very long days!

You have heard of sleep machines? We had our white noise for 5 nights.

 Industrial size dehumidifier!

Even all the travertine in our laundry and bathroom had to come out. Sniff, Sniff!!

So whatcha goin do? You take care of what needs to be taken care of and move on!!! As of today the floors have been totally replaced, sanded, custom stained, and had 3 coats of seal placed. Now we need to wait 3 weeks for them to cure.

I will post this week other progress we’ve taken on the exterior of our home.

I am back!!

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