Demo & Dust on Delaware – How We Aged Brick

This is a before photo of our kitchen.

 Then it ended up looking like this when the walls were torn down and opened up.

This is opposite wall of the kitchen Р  not to confuse you but the fireplace you are looking at used to be full brick and at one point they covered it with the concrete formed facade. It would be very difficult to take down. My plan for today is to have it fauxed to look like cast stone and then patina the copper Рhowever than plan could be changed.

Here’s the dilemma………….someone in the past sealed the brick! Then added to that 45 years of the heat from cooking that just made the brick even harder.

Not even after 2 cans of Kleen Strip Stripper it still did’t have the look I was after – but at least all gunk and sheen came off.

A tad better but still not what I want.

This is my inspiration photo and the look I am after.

SO – I now have a lady brick mason!!! She is awesome and came to my rescue!! We started off with one part sifted cement to two parts sand.

…….and we started painting it on

…….and then we started taking a scrub brush and taking off what we did not want – and it was too gray for what I wanted. So now plan B is to use white cement using the same ratio.

Looking more like my inspiration photo which is like “smeared” brick.

It was a bit of trial and error – but I “think” I have the look I want. I will need to seal it in a couple of weeks while the cement is hardening and curing.

Try to imagine cabinets on either side and I am also getting a Wolf range with 2 ovens and 6 burners. I know I should get the traditional red knobs but I am going with the safe black.

Now we are ready for the painter to get started. It has taken forever to get the new dry wall sanded to perfection. More on that in another post.

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