Demo & Way Too Much Dust on Delaware – Making Progress!!

The first 4-5 weeks of our remodel we saw drastic things happening daily in our home. Now they are not so drastic but subtle. I feel things are going in slow motion. But things are happening in that the painter is painting – our kitchen cabinets, butlers pantry, laundry room and family room book shelfs are being built – the parquet floor has been removed waiting the new wood floor,  and the brick behind our Wolf Range has been aged, our pocket french door arrived and is installed and our front door was delivered yesterday!!! Finally!!

No more orange paint!! Kevin our painter is having to apply 2-3 coats of primer to cover the color.

Parquet floor before we started removing it

Hmmmm – maybe 60% of it has been taken up. Some of them pop up and some of them refuse to be budged! I am the “sweeper upper girl”.

Even our son who came for Mother’s Day weekend helped.

It took about 8 hours to take this floor up!! Here are the last few pieces.

The pocket french door has been installed. It will have a dark stain applied. That is the laundry room behind the door. The glass still has a protective film on it.

I was so excited to have the new knotty alder front door was delivered yesterday. Now we just need to get it installed.  For now it is just hanging out in the dining room.

I will show you tomorrow how our mason aged the brick over our new range.

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2 thoughts on “Demo & Way Too Much Dust on Delaware – Making Progress!!

  1. Debra,
    I like your new front door. It does not look like a prehung door so where did you find someone that would install it?? We had the glass replaced around our front door then when we went to buy just a door we could not find anyone to install a door that was not prehung. So for right now I have just sanded and painted our old door.

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