Demo & Dust on Delaware – The Fun Continues

With all sorts of progress this week, it has come with even more more dust!! Seriously I have never ever seen dust like this! It is gross! And the sad thing is I could dust all day long and still more dust would come. Ugh!!!

This was the floor of our family room today as the infamous popcorn ceiling was scrapped off! If I ever find out who invented that stuff I am going to give them a piece of my mind. That stuff just is not pleasing to the eye – that is just my opinion!

Our living room floor is in a sad state of dust also…………the dust is so thick you can write little messages.

As the day came to an end and all the workman had left I noticed we had a visitor in the house. A bird! You would think that finding a bat in your house at the start of the week would be it for flying creatures in the house but “never say never”! Great! Just great! Ya know, getting a bird out of your house on your own is not an easy task!!! We don’t even own a “bird catching net” .  Then I lost it in our house. Oh dear – not good!! After searching for several hours I finally found it and calmly placed a towel over it and took it out side to set it free. Once  the bird was outside , it just stared at me!! I guess it was tired and was resting. Finally after what seemed like forever  it looked around and flew off!!  So, hopefully that will be our only experience with those little flying creatures in our home.

Oh boy, more fun tomorrow with our remodel. Not really any pictures to show of the progress for now.

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