Demo & Dust on Delaware – My Monday Meltdown

It seems that my friends and family are a tad shocked when I tell em the remodel is going pretty darn good. I mean we had a hiccup in the beginning but things kept moving along after that . So I guess we were due for another little hiccup to start off week four – I mean it is a remodel – and everyone has a good remodel story. I just was hoping I wouldn’t. Denial. I certainly was not prepared waking up Monday morning with our sweet little Bella pup showing us a baby bat laying in our living room. I don’t know about you but we’ve never had a bat in our house. I really don’t even like bats outside – they’re creepy little creatures if you ask me!! I know this is “just” a baby bat – but to me a bat is a bat! Yuck!


Bella stands guard while  we put a lid over the creepy creature until our workmen get to our house so they could depose of it.  What is interesting about our little house guest is that last week I mentioned nicely more than once they needed to hurry up and get the ceiling that is open to rafters closed up  because I would not be a happy camper if I got any unwanted visitors in my house! Well – I rest my case.  Their excuse……. “we’re waiting on the electrician to finish his job before we can close the ceiling”.

The electrician finally shows up last night and I find out he has  been waiting on us. Plus he was not informed of the materials he needed to have and so forth and so on!! And I am not part of that “us” – my head guy is the “us” and he dropped the ball!  It just seemed that everyone was pointing their fingers to the next guy. Men and their communication skills sometime suck!!! Sorry for the language!  And nothing like showing up to work and “lady of the house” is in a bad mood and she proceeds to tell you why she is in a bad mood!! And every time you try to make excuses she acts like she is Diana Ross and gives you the “stop” motion with her hand! But, in my opinion and observation of men, they seem to listen and hop to it  when a woman has her meltdown!! It’s like they all of a sudden can hear you. They look at you when you’re talking and nod their head – their eyes are even looking at you when you’re talking. It’s the craziest thing. Unfortunately their attentive behavior is short lived.

And I know there are many women that are just like me…………..if someone tells you something…….you remember it.   You can even  tell them what they had on that day. Kinda quirky stuff but you know what I mean. So, when one of your workmen tells you he is going to charge you $1,500.o0 to put in a pocket door in a bathroom – and you say forget it because I am not paying that kind of money – and then you find out that it costs no where near that and he tells you he has no idea where I came up with that number????? Ahhhhhhh – makes me crazy!!!  Thank goodness Monday is over!!!

This is my new M.O.

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