Demo & Dust on Delaware – Escaping the Noise!

I had to get out of our house today. I needed to escape the noise pollution. Those power tools used during a remodel can get loud! I am not complaining but I will blame it on our dog Bella. She is not used to this noise. I am not used to it either but I do know it is part of the process. Our walk was worth it because our neighborhood is in bloom and the spring blossoms do not last long.

Here are our azaleas in the front of our dining room


Can not believe that this butterfly came to visit when I was taking these pictures. How beautiful it is with all the colors of blue


This is our wooden bunny that we made years ago – that stands under our dogwood

The urn on our front porch with cabbage and periwinkle pansies

The view to our front porch – hot pink azaleas, May Night Salvia and yellow pansies

Our pink dogwood – not as full as I would like. I think it gets to much sun.


This is a lilac tree I bought and planted over the weekend. The color and the smell is devine!

This is a plant called Black Minor Weigela that I snagged at Lowes last fall in the clearance section

More hot pink azaleas down the street

Even the iris are blooming

This purple color is eye catching by the pond – too bad this flower does not last long

This is actually an iris from our home in Texas – wish we had of brought some of these with us.

Love the magenta color with a yellow center!!! Had to share this beauty

These iris are across the street from us…… the soft lilac color

more to come

Stark white azaleas look wonderful against the winter rye grass

Lilac azaleas

Hot pink – white – hot pink – white and so forth. Very striking!!

This is one of my favorite houses in our neighborhood. It is a bit like a Leave it to Beaver house.

But I love the contrast of the white painted brick and the hot pink azaleas

I think this is a honeysuckle variety vine – it covers their mailbox. Pink with yellow tips that blooms practically until fall.

Ahhhh – I feel better! Back to our noisy home!!

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