Demo & Dust on Delaware – Days Ten & Eleven

It has been very noisy here in our home but  there has  been a lot accomplished in our remodel. Unfortunately,  to you the reader may find it very boring stuff.

Monday was spent putting in two new beams for support in the kitchen and the new breakfast room/butlers pantry. Our workers spent most of the day in our attic and they were very proud of the work they did. But when you take out walls making sure the ceiling doesn’t collapse is kinda important!!


We also had a new attic ladder installed. See! I told you it would not be exciting stuff. Attic ladder/doors have changed dramatically since 1966. We got this one at Lowe’s.

Isn’t it simply beautiful?? Well, actually it is compared to the one it is replacing.

source: Lowes

Both arches have been cut and ready for lights and the barrel ceiling

This is our view for the last two nights.  Our attic. I will be happy when they get the drywall up!!

Putting up the dry wall on one of our barrel ceilings

TA – DAH!!

Is it not the most beautiful barrel ceiling you have ever seen??

The front of it can not be done yet to give our electrician access to put lights in the barrel.

The wall from the living room into the dining room being opened – on the living room side. Of course the electricity has to be relocated. I can wait to repaint those walls and the beams!! Oh – the plans I have!!

Again, men love their power tools. I have noticed they also love to demo walls.

Here is a photo from where we will place our bar/island that looks to the breakfast room.

And yes! The orange paint will go bye bye!! Thank goodness!

Seriously – too much noise!!

I think I will take a walk to escape the noise.

I will take our sweet Bella pup and my camera. The neighborhood is in beautiful bloom!!

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