Demo, Dust & Dilemma on Delaware – “The French Pocket Door”

The thing that you think is going to be easy peazy turns into a big deal!! Our laundry room is off our kitchen where I will be building an island/bar area that will be looking practically into the laundry room.  I want a pocket door into the laundry with water glass in it instead of just plain glass like the one below.   Something slightly obscure, something that still creates an open feels when closed that doesn’t look to commercial!! Of course what I see in my mind ends up being a custom job!! Big deal! A big deal that will take 3-4 weeks to get here deal!

I can get this for about $150.00. But add the water glass and the price goes up dramatically!! I could of got this one etched but there are several negatives………….oils from your hands will permanently smudge it and if we put our dogs in the laundry we have one that would scratch the door and or glass. Not worth the risk on either issue – in my opinion.

Here is where I am placing the french pocket door.

Here is a great pocket door that has been pinned a zillion times on Pinterest. What a great kitchen. Love that dutch door.

source: Pinterest

Here is actually a french pocket door that is very custom……… even has Laundry written on it. It also looks like an advertisement for Mrs. Meyers. Which I do love that stuff – it is the best. I have started using her laundry detergent. Just in case you wanted to know.

Here is a door I found online . Not really what I had in mind.

source: Ambiance

I love how a french pocket door still gives privacy but gives an open feel also as it lets light in.

Source: houzz

source: houzz

This french pocket door looks like it either has rain or water glass in it.


I really like these double pocket doors – leaded glass.

source: houzz

And these are incredible as well – even though the picture is a bit distorted

source: Pinterest

Now these are the Mother of all french pocket door – really big doors. It does look a burglar could just slide on in with the way they are designed. I notice the craziest things sometimes.

Do you have pocket doors in your home?  I think they are great way to have privacy and not take up any space. Plus they add such an element of style when they go beyond just a solid pocket door.

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Demo & Dust on Delaware – Day Nine

Can things get any messier? Yes, they can!! Today was a day of destruction! I secretly think men enjoy busting out walls. I thought I was prepared for the dust. There is an incredible amount of dust. Just look at this pile of concrete on my kitchen floor! Ick!

Here is a before our kitchen stove and oven. Typical for a home built in 1966. Someone before us put a lacquer on the brick – wish they hadn’t because it would of been prettier without it.

Moulding and first roll of bricks removed.

Brick is gone.

 It was shocking to find out that although there was an exhaust fan –  there was not a vent. Everything just floated up to the attic. Someone was cheap and lazy, weren’t they?

You can see in this picture that the brick looks better left alone! I am still going to leave this portion of the brick. We are going to apply some muratic acid to get that finish off and then see how it looks. I think my Wolf range will look awesome with that brick – plus I want to leave it because it is original to the home.

Love that wheelbarrow in my living room. Look at the dust on the floor. I actually mopped the floor after the guys left today.

Just couldn’t stand it any longer.


That’s the damage that took place today! Thanks for visiting my blog – I would love to hear your comments.

Demo & Dust on Delaware – Day Six, Seven & Eight

Day Six

Check out the new panel box that was installed this week in our laundry room. The panel used to be in the family room of all places and there were two of them??  Now everything is in one panel. One huge panel.  40 inches tall huge!! I was not visually prepared for the size and it really messes up my plan for the cabinets on that wall. It’s time to get creative!!

Day Seven

I survived the first full week of our remodel! And our contractor had not returned to the hospital with chest pains!

The wall is ready for drywall now that the electrical outlets were placed over the weekend.



The front part of the wall being drywalled will be bookshelves with a mounted television.


 Drywall complete

While work is going on in our family room, there is also demo work going on in the living room and kitchen.

We are making our house a more open floor plan.

Living Room Before:

We are making an entrance into the kitchen on both sides of the fireplace with a barrel ceiling.

Day Eight

Our home was built in 1966………evidently that was a closet next to the fireplace. A very small closet. Later on there was a remodel and they just drywalled over the closet.  I wish we knew the original owners of this house.  I would love to see any photos they may have .

On a brighter note, we are still enjoying the vivid colors of Spring here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I know I must say this each year but I think this is the prettiest Spring ever. I just never, ever take for granted the splendor of Spring. Case in point is the dogwoods. Oh my! I love them so. Their canopy is of the most delicate flower. Why doesn’t it last longer?? Unfortunately we only have one that is in our front yard. They prefer to display their glory in filtered shade. Ours is located under a very large oak tree.

Here it is just with a tiny little bud. Look closely – I am just in awe of the bud and then what it becomes. God has his hand on everything – all for our enjoyment!!!

They actually stayed like buds for several days then one day they popped open into this lovely lime green color.

This was when it rained for a solid week. Thank you Lord – we needed it! Look at that flower – is it not a work of art?? The blossom is just slowly unfolding. I love the hot pink tips. There is one rain drop just holding on for dear life.

And over night this happens. They go from a greenish color to this white. The pink tips almost look like they had a match held to them.

I was taking these photos around 7 am yesterday- and look who greeted me! And the whole time I was taking photos this squirrel was fussing at me!! This cute squirrel is not cute to us anymore. She has made her a a squirrel door like a lot of dogs have dog doors. Except her squirrel door is a shingle on our roof that she lifts up and scampers in our attic – right in our face. She is a squirrel with an attitude! Obviously she is a “mama squirrel” finding the best nursery for her babes!!!  Just wish it was not OUR attic!!

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Using Shutters & Doors as Decorating Elements

I love it when certain items like doors and shutters get used for a totally different purpose. It certainly makes things more interesting.  I posted not too long ago about some junky doors I had found at estate sale that I distressed and gave patin too and then hung the doors in one of the guest rooms. Then yesterday I got my Pottery Barn catalog and they had used a door style shutter for a headboard.   Of course this room is staged for perhaps a 2nd home because it has a bit of the beach feel to it. Or a lake home. The rope around the picture above the lamp makes you think of a boat – where there is boat there’s water.

All I can say about this look is “WOW”

I saw this photo on Joni’s Cote de Texas – shutters displayed next to a trumeau mirror.

All of the pieces compliment each other so well

Yes, this would be awesome in a little private garden somewhere. Again all of the elements work so well together.

This arrangement is the work of Brooke from Velvet and Linen.



I especially like hanging pictures or plates on shutters.


Great outdoor room

I have always loved this bedroom. There is layer after layer of wonderful elements.

source: houzz

source: houzz

These look like old garage doors. They add so much interest to this room. The room would be so blah without the doors.

 source: houzz

Here are the doors I did couple of weeks ago – they started out as beat up interior doors and I distressed them.

You can find the steps here

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. After a week of solid rain, our sky is beautiful and bright.

Demo & Dust on Delaware – Day Three, Four and Five

Well unfortunately on Day 3 there was a bit of a hiccup!! I woke up to a voicemail from my contractor saying he had left my house the day before and gone to the ER because he was having chest pains.  The hospital admitted him to do more tests and he said they had found nothing wrong and he was getting out in a couple of hours and should be at my house with his workers in about 3 hours. That did not happen! No phone call or text. Nothing! Zip!  I will say there was some extreme emotions running through my sweet little brain. My thoughts ran from , “did he have a heart attack after he talked to me and is dead” to “that so and so is blowing me off”. Actually I was also feeling a little guilty because I had got a little cranky over some things on day 2 and was afraid that I had given him a heart attack.

So low and behold they all showed up this morning on day four like nothing had happened. Whoa there partner!!! That does not work for me! I am grateful he did not have a heart attack but communication is needed. After our little “come to Jesus” meeting all is back on schedule – and to stay I hope.

Today they built the wall for the stairs to the loft and in front of that will be a large set of book shelves that will also hold our flat panel television.

Day Five – dry wall placed and stair completed.

We even get the bonus of having a “hidey hole” under the stairs.

Demo on Delaware – Day One & Two

Finally! We have started our remodel on our home!!  We bought this “stuck in the 70’s” house two years ago and knew from the beginning it was a fixer upper. It was a home that had great bones but needed some good design and function added to bring it in  to the modern day.  It is amazing what they can do in two days. In two days they certainly can create a huge messc for sure!!

The remodel is starting in the family room part of the house. Here are some before pics. Yes, there is a Swedish style fireplace kinda in the middle of the room. There is also an exposed loft. The flow of this room was impossible to arrange furniture.


Here is from the loft looking down. The loft is huge – the size of a three car garage. It will be a great hobby, office and TV room.


Good Bye fireplace.  You were cool but you were not meant to be in the middle of the room.

Even looks better with that green carpet gone! Now all nice and open!!

We have needed rain forever – of course it has been a steady rain from the start of construction.

Lots and lots of dust.

Day Two – the wall for the upstairs loft is started.

I needed something that I had stored up in the loft and went to get it only to realize there are no stairs. Duh!!

Tomorrow I will go to Lowe’s with the guys to buy more materials. That should be interesting.

Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers! Picking the Perfect Plants for Pots

The nurseries here in Oklahoma are filling up by the day. I am so excited! I can spend hours visiting nurseries and picking out the perfect plants to plant. Or I can just go to a nursery and buy nothing. Something about plant nurseries just turn me on! I especially love the impact that pots make to the overall visual interest of landscapes.

Have you heard of the expression “Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers“? It is the way to plant  pots that produce the “wow” factor.  The “thriller” is your tallest plant in the pot, the “filler” is the plant is what takes up the horizontal movement of the pot and the “spiller” is self explanatory……….it falls over the edge of the  pot. Using the method is very pleasing to the eye!!

The pampas grass is the “thriller”, the coleus is the “filler” and the sweet potato vine is the “spiller”. This would be an easy pot to duplicate. Also, what is pleasing to the arrangement is the color choices as they all are in contrast with each other which makes more of an impact.

Oh!! I love this arrangement. Petunias, sweet potato vine and money wort.  That urn is not bad either!!

 I love to see caladiums anywhere – especially in this urn they are special with the angel wing begonias.



This is a beautiful urn with pampas grass, purple lantana, and sweet potato vine with its lime green contrasting color.


 Source: Pinterest

 Source: Houzz

 Source: Houzz

Source: Houzz

Oh me! How I love Angel Trumpets. If you have never had one, you need to! We had some in Houston that were in the ground and they became enomrous! The come in white, pale pink and yellow. As the name implies the flower is a long trumpet. I have not had one in my yard for 2 years now – think I will get one for here in Tulsa and put it in a pot because sadly it will not winter here.

 Yellows and purples are great for landscaping. Anything opposite on the color wheel has a big impact in the garden



 source: Proven Winner

I hope these photos have got you excited.  Your pampas grass and cannas look to be great thrillers. The petunias, coleus and impatients your fillers. While either your money wort or sweet potato vine your spiller. Sweet potato vine can be pinched off and can be easily rooted in water. Also, one thing to consider when buying your plants for container they need to have similar water needs.

Giving Recycled Doors Patina

I found these doors at an estate sale for $5.00 each. I am a big spender. They must of come from a house of boys because they were very  beat up. That was ok with me because I had a plan.

Take the door knobs off, place wood putty where the hinges were and sand them down to make them smooth.

At this stage they look very pathetic!

Very beat up!!

 I painted the with Benjamin Moore Aspiration.  It is a color they do not make but when you tell them you want this color they have the formula in their computer.


Now sand the doors down with 220 grit sand paper.

The next step is now to paint over the BM Aspiration with BM Ivory Tusk. I went into ACE Hardware to buy a quart and was told by the paint guy that Clark + Kensingston was a new brand they were stocking and were giving away a quart free! He just matched up the Ivory Tusk from BM. It was weird when I walked out of ACE not paying anything because that has never happened to me. It kinda makes you feel like you are stealing.

Once I had painted it on and it had dried and sanded it down enough for the blue to show through.

It was hard to find stencils small enough to fit on the panels.

I was not patient enough to order some online plus I did look and did not find what I wanted. I found these at Hobby Lobby.

 Once I stenciled them on, I let them dry and again sanded them down.

The main negative to the stencils I used was that they were just one layer so I took the same stencil and dry brushed a darker brown on to highlight it. Then sanded that color off also to give it more transparency. I also used gold metallic paint and dry brushed it around the panel and of course sanded it down also.

I sanded the doors with an electric sander and sanded them down to the stained finish.

Think of the areas where patina would naturally happen

Now it is time to apply glaze. This is a glaze I use a lot. I apply mine with a yucky old brush, then take a cloth

and take off the amount I want. I rub it off until the cloth almost starts dragging.

The door on the left has not had glaze put on it – the door on the right has but it has not been taken off.

 Here is a close up

 and another close up of the detail

 Now both of the doors have the glaze applied

We added picture hanging wire to the back of the doors in order to hang them on the wall


My idea was to use the colors in the pillows I have on our guest bed. I love this fabric. Actually the pillows were on our sofa in our living room in our home in Houston.


I wanted to place these doors on either side of the window in this guest room


We are finally starting our remodel project this next week. I hope!! We have spent the weekend moving furniture around to make room for the contractors.  I will be blogging about this remodel as a way to chronicle the adventure – and adventure I am sure it will be!! I know it will be worth it.

Pinks and Purples in the Spring Landscape

I am in awe on my morning walks while I am blessed to take in the colors of the season. The yellows have been so cheerful and now they have the company with  beautiful shades of purple and pinks. The blooms that I see are spectacular and I do not take one single blossom for granted.  I see each blossom as a gift from  God to show me how much he loves me,  to give me such beauty to enjoy as I take my morning walk! Spring is so spectacular in that God makes it bloom when there is no competition in the landscape is incredibly awesome.

This is a Redbud which is Oklahoma’s state tree. This tree is in the yard across the street from our home.

Why  it is called “Red” bud I am not sure because it is more of a lavender/pink/purple combo.

Here is another Redbud with Yellow Jasmine

The colors of the Redbud and the Yellow Jasmine are opposite on the color wheel

which makes even more of an impact on the spring landscape

This is a Patio Peach that I bought and planted this last weekend-

it will not get very big but oh my goodness those blossoms are spectacular!

I have called this tree a “tulip tree” forever but it’s real name is Saucer Magnolia.

At this time of year it is nothing but blossoms. No leaves! Just show stopping blossoms.

It’s branches are gray to allow the star of the show to be on display.

Even the sky today was beautiful!!

Look close at how the bloom starts……..deep purple and then as it opens it turns into a velvety pink.

Isn’t Mother Nature simply incredible??

I have no earthly idea what this tree is. All I know is that it’s color is  luscious!!

Oh how I wish I could view this color 365 days a year!

But then, would I take it all for granted?

Again – not a clue what these are. They look like bulbs to me. Just a small cluster that demands attention.

But I love the strong purple color against the abyss of beige and winter’s leaves tangled up among it’s stems.

I hope that where ever you may live you are enjoying the colors of the season.

Yellow – The Color of the Season in Landscaping

I love the pops of yellow this time of year. Yellow is such a noticeable contrast this time of year because of the contrast of the bright yellow against the winter straw colored lawns and trees that have not leafed out yet. I love yellow – I especially love how it is boldly stealing the show in our landscape.

Check out this group of Forsythia that is a couple of blocks from our home – I have no idea how many plants there are total but OH MY – it certainly is a awesome display of color this time of year


Yellow Jasmine




Yellow Pansies after the rain fall


Also blooming now in Oklahoma are Bradford Pears – and our state tree the Redbud is starting to show off its delicious plum color. I will share that with you all tomorrow.