“Things I Love” Week – Discovering New Shops in my City

We received  the coolest metal reindeer  this last Christmas.  On one of the reindeers antlers hung the tag of the store….The Garden Deva here in Tulsa.  I even surprised myself that I had not checked out this place before now. But in my defense it is not exactly “right around the corner” from where we live. But today I was looking for another place when I realized I was in their neck of the woods. What a little jewel I found. They were so nice and when I told them I had this little blog and would like to take pictures, they were more than gracious. Thank goodness for our iphones!!

The outside of The Garden Deva lets you know that you are entering into the land of creativity!!

When you walk in this colorful path leads you to all the different styles of metal sculptures.


These are little signs with different messages. I got the one that says “LOVE”. I “love” it’s whimsy!

Here is something for the dog lover

This sculpture reminds me of a standard sized poodle

Check out this chiminea – it is spectacular!!  I want one but really do not have a place for it.  There is a fire pit to it’s right that is also a work of art also.

How awesome is this bird bath………………….or it would look great with plants spilling over it’s side.

These are pretty dang cute. I think I will get this for my husband for our anniversary this summer.

Since we have been married 36 years there is no pressure for a romantic gift.

An angel with a halo

I think this one has an attitude! 

Cute and clever way to say welcome at your front door.


I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of my discovery this week in Tulsa.  If I have sparked your interest go check out their website is: www.gardendeva.com  . Their photos are better than mine and you can see more of their inventory.

Also please know that I am not posting this for my financial reasons for The Garden Deva. They do not know me from Adam (or Eve) – but I thought they had a great store and it was worth sharing.

“Things I Love” Week – Beadboard

Something about bead board has always attracted my attention. It is probably because it just adds character and charm to where ever it is used.  It also gives off that “homey” feel.

Beadboard  can be used literally everywhere – from the walls to the ceiling. In the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom and even in the foyer.  Beadboard has no limits.


How would you like to have an entry like this one. Whoever created this masterpiece is one talented individual.


I am thinking this is a mud room – whatever it is I love it. Very charming.

I think this bathroom is super cute.  I love the tile floor, the antique chair, the towel rack and then adding this pop of green makes for a wow bathroom.




I love this bathroom. Very classic and clean.


Another great bathroom with all the perfect touches. Love the marble floor tiles and the tin lights. Charm!


Never forget about your “5th” wall. I am sure someone’s neck was killing them after doing this ceiling – oh, but so worth it. Details!!

source. houseofsmiths.com

Here is the similar treatment done in a kitchen.

another wonderful ceiling

A charming bar area in a kitchen using beadboard as the bashsplash. I love the monogramed mugs that are displayed.

I have always wanted a banquet seating area in our home. That table is awesome and look at the plates arranged around the television.

This looks to be a living room and dining room. So many great details.  Beadboard always stands out more when you add the molding and the great looking baseboard. I also love that painted above the dining room table.

source: House of Turquoise

OH MY! What a great porch. This is a room that you have to look at each and every piece placed in it. The walls! The ceiling! The floors!

Beadboard walls in the bedroom create texture. So much more interesting than just plain walls.

source: beadboard.com

This is technically not beadboard – the sizes of the board vary which really makes for more interest and texture. Wow, what a beautiful bedroom. It is casual and elegant all at the same time.

source: the well appointed house

source: thewellapointedhouse.com

What a wonderful little boy’s nursery. I think the beadboard makes everything look crisp and clean

decor Pad

I am loving everything about this room. The curtains really dress this room up.

Decor Pad

I get so excited when I see rooms like this. This nursery with the beadboard painted taupe is incredible – but I can see it transforming as the child gets older.

Check out this ceiling.


What a great laundry room.


Beadboard cabinets in a laundry room.

I think I could be pretty darn happy with a pool like this – geez it is awesome.


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“Things I Love” Week – Barn Doors

We are getting ready to start a much needed remodel on our home that we bought almost 2 years ago. This home is a true fixer upper. I thought we would of started and finished the remodel by now. But I am glad we haven’t because over the course of 2 years I have changed my mind on some things. I have found that I can  make decisive decisions for others but when it comes to my/our home I fret over so many of the details – for instance I have got 4 bids on just windows alone. I am happy to say that it was worth it to get 4 estimates because of  a big savings and the same energy efficiency .Needless to say I have researched everything house related. We are going to start in the family room which connects to an open loft that is the size of a 3 car garage. After that we move to the kitchen and then to the living room. Hopefully after that (and if we still have any money left) we will re-do our master bath.

For our loft area that will be used for a man cave and a hobby room for me I would like to use barn doors. My cabinet builder said just show him a photo and he can do it!! Here are the many photos I collected for him – now to narrow my search down.

I think these are pretty cool and I am sure they came with a history – a little rustic or industrial for my taste though. I love the chalk board that surrounds them.  Whoever the parents are – I know they are cool people!!

These are great barn doors – they would be close to what would work in our home. I love the wood they used.

These barn doors are too rustic for me – but I do like the hardware.


AAAAHHH – I really like these. These would be more what would work in our home.

These look huge – but I like them.

I found these barn doors on The Polished Pebble blog.

These are some very BOLD barn doors.They hide the ugly task of laundry!!

This barn door is classic and clean in my opinion. The door style looks to stay with the style of the home – but the home owners added interest by adding the barn door hardware. Just imagine that door on a hinge…………..it would just be another door …………add the barn door hardware and we take notice!! It is all about the details!!!

These are barn doors made of reclaimed wood.

source:  Remodelista.com

This is a bit of the style of barn doors I am looking for. I look the combination of the wood plank walls with the barn doors. It all seems to work together.





There are even glass barn doors.



Which barn door best fits your style?? I like them all!  Liking them all makes it a tad bit hard to make a decision!

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“Things I Love” Week – Jack Arnold Designed Homes

I live in the same city as Jack Arnold, the architect. Actually, also the same city as Charles Faudree , the designer. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Such incredible talent in one city. I have to say that we have some very beautiful homes here. I could (and do) just drive up and down some of our streets to look at homes and all the details.  Jack Arnold designs a home that I truly love. When you see one of his homes you just know it was his creation & design.

There are so many details to take in. For starters the rock chimney, the chimney pots, the roof line, the shutters, and the gate entry into the front door. I really love his style of home


That lantern is pretty special


His Old World Romantic Style


The Country French Classic

This home is one of my favorites.

I really like this homes front door.


One feature of his home is a “chimney pot” – aren’t they wonderful?

This is one of his homes he designed in Ohio.


Another one of his homes in Connecticut

the back

Also in Georgia


Back to  Oklahoma

The windows to the right are the dining room as you can see in this photo.  Such a beautiful room with such wonderful details.

Here is another local home.


A wonderful kitchen!!

I love these garage doors.

Here is one of his designs for sale. Oh – I love it!!! Again I beg you to check out all the detail from the top to the bottom.


So – do you like this style of home?? I would love to hear what you think about these homes!

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“Things I Love” Week – Upholstered Headboards

We are seeing them everywhere – upholstered headboards.  What I like about them is that each headboard has it’s own personality.

When my husband and I switched from queen to king, we upholstered our headboard in ivory linen. But before we did our bed I looked at  a gazillion photos.  There are so many beautiful upholstered headboards in my opinion.  When I was trying to decide which style I wanted I collected a file of all of the headboards I loved.

I have always like the simple white headboard from Brooke Giannetti’s blog Velvet & Linen.





I really, really love these twin beds!


Now how wonderful is this headboard with a single letter monogram – love it!!

Love this tufted headboard – but knew I could not make that one on my own. Oh – I could of I guess. But it would of looked like crap!

Tufted with nail heads – what is not to love??

massucco wanner miller interior design

You can always order from The Pottery Barn if you are not into DIY!!

Another one from Pottery Barn – they have many, many more to choose from.



Of course I love this bed – nice and crisp with monogrammed pillows.




Not sure if I could live with the apple green walls in this room but I do like the shape of the headboard.

The animal print headboard is wonderful but also bedding

This floral headboard makes such a statement especially paired with the colorful curtains. Oh – do not miss the monogrammed lampshades. Oh – those are just too darn cute!

I love this room that Pheobe Howard did.

Well – they did not ask my opinion, but I personally would not care for that yellow shaggy pillow on the bed.

I so love this bed. I love the entire room! Every single detail!



Another room I love not just the headboard – check out that lantern

Here is the shape that I decided on……………very simple.

I looked around the web for tutorials about how to make your own headboard and there are many to choose from. It really was not hard to make.

Your supplies are:

Wood, foam, batting, staple gun and staples, fabric of your choice.

Here is the headboard we made for our master.  I really think it would look better if  I either tufted it or placed nail heads. I may just continue to think about it and probably never get around to it.


Decorating with Antique Linen Hand Towels

I have always loved antique linen hand towels. I think they look so pretty hanging as a collection in a powder or guest bath. The vintage towels add more interest than just going to one of your department stores and buying hand towels.  Since I love monograms so much, I especially like the antique hand towels with  monograms on them. To me they are an art!

Even Eddie Ross loves them!!



Isn’t this a beautiful monogram with the scalloped frame around it?


Source: emsheart.com 

Even the hem of the towel has scallop finish.

Each time I see one of these towels I think it is my favorite! I think this one is my favorite. Can you believe the detail. I always wonder who made this and how long did it take?

 Source: Emsheart.com


Oh my! Lots of work on this one. Isn’t it beautiful. I found this one at antique-linen.com


And look now at the rest of the detail.




Now wouldn’t this be fun to display during Valentines? It really does not bother me that I don’t know who “SB” is – maybe make up a fun story about her to entertain your guests!

source: emsheart.com 

When I first saw this towel I thought, ” Oh! Even their butler has his own monogramed towel” – then I realized that most likely the family’s last name was Butler!!  Silly me!
Here are some our my linen towels. The photo is not the best. I swear I am going to buy a better camera!
I have always loved this delicate blue one – it once belonged to my mother-in-law.
Displaying antique linen  towels