Those Week End Projects – Add Moulding to Plain Jane Doors

I made a New Year’s Resolution that all of the projects started around this house had to be finished before another one started. Unfortunately for my husband, my resolution became his also! Lucky guy!


These are our “plain jane” doors when we bought our house . Boring!!!

With moulding…………. I don’t think I realized how boring the doors were till the moulding was applied.


And just by adding moulding they already look better – and they’re not even painted!! And we need new door knobs also.


These pictures are not the best but you can tell they look better.

My plans are to paint them Navajo White with a mocha glaze.

2 thoughts on “Those Week End Projects – Add Moulding to Plain Jane Doors

  1. Hello, I’m trying to do something very similar with some doors in my home, would you mind posting what your doors look like with the mocha glaze? Thanks so much.

    • Well, sorry! I did not end up using the glaze as I had mentioned. But now I am thinking about painting them dark. I always have a project going on. Changing something all the time in my house!!

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