“Things I Love” Week – Jack Arnold Designed Homes

I live in the same city as Jack Arnold, the architect. Actually, also the same city as Charles Faudree , the designer. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Such incredible talent in one city. I have to say that we have some very beautiful homes here. I could (and do) just drive up and down some of our streets to look at homes and all the details.  Jack Arnold designs a home that I truly love. When you see one of his homes you just know it was his creation & design.

There are so many details to take in. For starters the rock chimney, the chimney pots, the roof line, the shutters, and the gate entry into the front door. I really love his style of home


That lantern is pretty special


His Old World Romantic Style


The Country French Classic

This home is one of my favorites.

I really like this homes front door.


One feature of his home is a “chimney pot” – aren’t they wonderful?

This is one of his homes he designed in Ohio.


Another one of his homes in Connecticut

the back

Also in Georgia


Back to  Oklahoma

The windows to the right are the dining room as you can see in this photo.  Such a beautiful room with such wonderful details.

Here is another local home.


A wonderful kitchen!!

I love these garage doors.

Here is one of his designs for sale. Oh – I love it!!! Again I beg you to check out all the detail from the top to the bottom.


So – do you like this style of home?? I would love to hear what you think about these homes!

Thanks for stopping by!

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