Keeping the Focus this Christmas

Thanksgiving is officially over and all the decorations put up! Why do decorations look tacky the day after a holiday?? We didn’t get back from our Thanksgiving holiday until Saturday and I was embarrassed for our neighbors that I had not taken all my Fall outdoor decorations down. Oh well – I was too busy cooking and they probably aren’t as anal as I am!!

When I was putting up the fall decor I spied the “Nativity” container and it made me pause and think! The voice was clear…….”put me up first so that I will be a reminder to your and your family what is truly being celebrated this season – the birth of MY Savior”! Sweet, sweet Jesus!

This is my Mothers Nativity Scene. I am the most sentimental person ever! Ever!! She went home to the Lord in 1993 and I think this nativity is probably 40 years old. I still keep it in the same box it came in and with the tissue she used. See I told you I was sentimental!!

I am not sure when I wrote the message on the lid that our youngest son Andrew would get Mom’s nativity?? Our other son who has his own home has his own incredible nativity scene that his God Mother started. He probably has maybe 50 nativity characters.

So here’s the big reveal…………it’s just a simple nativity and if you look at the wise men you can tell how old it must be. I think it is sweet – very sweet indeed! My mother liked it enough to buy it and that makes it even more special to me!!

This is a hand carved set that I got many year ago at a crafts festival – I just love the sweet smile on the ┬ábaby Jesus.


Hopefully this season I will not forget that still quiet voice I heard in my garage…………”put me out first as a reminder of what of what this season is really about”.

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you will visit again soon.





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