Stenciled Pantry Doors

These doors used to be white – and  oh so boring. Also they had those builder brass knobs on them. Ugh! Then one day I could not stand it anymore. Step one: I painted them with  two coats of Halle Navy from Benjamin Moore.


Step two: I had already bought my stencil from Royal Design Studio. They are a great online source and their stencils are the best in my opinion.  Then I just rumaged through my supplies of paint and used what I had. Hey! Why go out and spend hard earned money when you already have it? It is my contribution of being green. I went straight to my bucket that is labeled “browns” because I knew I wanted to use shades of brown on top of the Halle Navy.

This is the stencil from Royal Design Studio – it is Renaissance Scroll 718



Step three: I used Sherwin Williams glaze mixed with some of my brown I already had. As you can see it is a dark brown.  I just starting applying it and moving it around with my trusty brush. If you feel you get too much on your brush you can just keep working the glaze until you get a feel for it. If you don’t like it – just have some paper towels ready to wipe most of it off.   Step four: This step was not in my plan but when I stepped back something was needed. So, again I went and rumaged thru my supplies and saw some metallic gold from Modern Masters ( I love this stuff) and painted it in the moulding areas. I did put a fair amount on and then once dry I used steel wool to take off some of it. Steel Wool is our friend. Step five: I picked these handles up  from Hobby Lobby. I think I paid $4.99 each because I waited until they were half off. They started off a yucky brown wrought iron but that’s kinda boring also. So, I used the browns from my stencil colors, some of the gold metallic and some of the glaze and just kept dabbing those colors on.  Suprising enough, the color has not even come off at all. Looks like I bought them that way.