Our Screened In Porch and Online Fabric Stores

porchOnce I find a good source for something, I  am pretty much a repeat customer.  So, I was very happy to find some outdoor fabric when I wanted to spiff up our screened in porch.  I already had cushions I liked which is Sunbrella in cocoa but I needed new accent pillows to coordinate. Actually the pillows I had before were nasty I was not about  to embarrass myself with “before” pictures.  Trust me on that one!!

I  found some outdoor fabric I liked at Fabric Guru, ordered a sample and was thrilled when the sample came and they matched!  They matched so good it looked as if they were meant to be coordinating fabrics.


 I used cream colored burlap on the tables – and a shutter I had in the  garage


 I love to read…………and our porch is a perfect little hide away!!

porch6This iron chandelier is from our pergola we had in Texas.  It is meant to have candles for lighting purposes but honestly in the heat of the summer they just melt – and it is a big mess.  I learned that lesson the hard way.


I found these lamps at an estate sale a while back ……………. they were avocado, gold and dark brown. They were anything but pretty!  And the lamp shades were as tall as the lamp itself!!  I will let you know in my next blog how I finished them.


My resources I used on the porch:

  • Our furniture and cushions is what we had when we lived in Texas
  • The end tables are those kits with the screw-in legs meant for skirted tables
  • Fabric for the cream & taupe pillows is from fabricguru.com.  The name of it is John Wolf Basalto Solarium in Jute.  $8.95 a yard! ( I actually saw it in another fabric store for 28.95 a yard.  Score!
  • The Blue toile is also from fabricguru.com and the name of it is  Robert Allen Lake Paradise in Spa.  Also 8.95 an yard.

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Online Fabric Stores – Part II

My newly upholstered wing backs have been delivered!! Actually they have been here for a couple of weeks!! I have become such a slacker when it comes to blogging. I need to get back on board!!

If you remember from my last post I had a hard time deciding which side to use. The right side?? Or the wrong side??? Hard decision because I liked them both. I ended up with the lighter side of fabric and I am quite pleased.

So here they are!


I added nail head trim in a dark brass.




But what really has me jazzed is the nail head trim on the back of the chairs.


Besides loving this fabric  – I also loved the price!! $7.95 a yard!!! Yep, that what I said!  If you are looking for fabric go check out Fabric Guru. I also bought some outdoor fabric from them to do our screened in porch.  That will be another post!

OH!! Fabric Guru has not a clue who I am other than another customer!!

Hope you are having a great weekend. It is so cool here in Oklahoma that we have had the windows opened all day. And it’s August. Amazing!!

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Online Fabric Stores

 Poor me! I live in a city that really does not have any good fabric stores. Well, actually we have two – but I never find any fabric that really wows me.  When I moved to Tulsa from Houston I literally had withdrawals!! I love to look at fabric even when I don’t need fabric. Hard to explain, just something that turns me on!

I snagged these Baker wing backs at an estate well over a year ago. If I still had a grandmother she would love the fabric. Me, not so much!! I bought them because I just liked their style even if I had to look past the “granny” fabric.



I have spent the last year looking for fabric and finally found what I wanted at FabricGuru -an online fabric store. And the price was right!  The problem is that  it does not have a front or back. So, just when I find the fabric I love – now I have to decide which side of the fabric I want.

Do I want this side???



Or do I want this side??????  This is stressing me out!!



I feel silly that I am making such a big deal out of it!! Kinda know which side speaks to me the most. Just hope when my upholstery guy shows up tomorrow I am confident in my decision!!



What’s your opinion??

Check back to see the big reveal!!  I also have another project I used an online fabric store that I need to share with you.


Oh! Hydrangeas…how I love thee!!

I never met a hydrangea I did not like. Hydrangeas amaze me . I love that they are bold and beautiful.  I am so happy that  in Tulsa, Oklahoma that we can grow them.  Every year I add a different variety to our garden.

Here are ours in the back yard just starting to start their performance.

It seems they can not decide which  color they want to be.


hydrangeas15And only 10 days later they still can’t make up their mind – same hydrangea plant as in the photo above. Now the pinks are turning lavender and then to blue.


My favorite is the blue and I love to cut them for indoor arrangements.

I love them in our kitchen



On our island



In our living room




On our dining room buffet



Greeting you in our foyer



or on a side table


Seriously! Are they not incredible?? Do you love them as much as I do?


Left Over Corned Beef???

We had dip for dinner tonight! Seriously we did. Not something we  do often………but we did tonight. There was a time when our boys were younger that I made nachos for dinner. My mom had a fit. I explained to her that actually if made correctly nachos are very nutritious. I could of made them a bologna sandwich on white bread with mayo. Ok…….back to our dip tonight!! Reuben Dip!! 



Basically it is all the ingredients you would put on a Reuben sandwich plus some cream cheese!! I found this recipe this last weekend on Chef Jamie’s web site and knew I should give it a try!!

Here’s the recipe or you can go here to find it:


If you love Reuben sandwiches, you’ll love this dip! Serve it with toasted cocktail rye bread for dipping.

  • 8 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature
  • 2 cups shredded Swiss cheese
  • 1/4 cup ketchup
  • 1/2 cup mayonaise
  • 1 teaspoon sweet pickle relish
  • 1 cup corned beef, chopped
  • 1/2 cup sauerkraut, rinsed and drained
  • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 375°F. Mix together the cream cheese and 1 cup of the Swiss cheese in mixing bowl.  Spread the mixture onto the bottom of a 9-inch pie plate.  Combine the ketcup, mayo and relish to make Russian Dressing  Spread an even layer on top of the Swiss cheese. Top with the corned beef, then top with the sauerkraut.  Top with the remaining dressing.  Top with the remaining Swiss cheese and Parmesan cheese.

Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until the dip begins to bubble and the cheese is melted.

Makes One 9-inch Pie Pan of Dip

I hope you like this dip. We did!

Hope your week is off to a grand start. Guess we’ll have celery for dinner tomorrow night!


Remodeling? Don’t Get Rid of Your Old Kitchen Cabinets!

When we did the demo in our kitchen recently, most of the old cabinets we put in our 3third car garage and made my husband a man cave.  There was one section of cabinets that did not fit in the garage but we hated to get rid of it. It took up space and I wanted to get rid of it but my husband wouldn’t let me.  Finally, I had an epiphany. We would make an island out of it!


It is hard to see in the photo but the old counter tops were butcher block. Nasty butcher block!! Just felt it was never clean and that it had a bad case of the cooties!!

So we (my husband) took the old cabinet and took off the skirt and added bun feet to it! And of course some paint plus some umber glaze.


Added an umber glaze


We took the butcher block top to our cabinet guy to have the edge of it routed. He also gave it a good sanding!! Then we stained the butcher block and sealed it.


We used Sher-wood wiping stain from Sherwin-Williams. They were incredibly nice in helping us with picking a stain color since this butcher block is maple and has way too much yellow in it. This is how nice they were……………they got the top out of our car, brought it in the store and mixed up several stains and applied them so we could see how the stain would look. I really had plans to pick up a stain and take it home. Slam Bam Thank ya ma’am!!! Thank goodness they went beyond the call of duty of customer service because I am now “oh so incredibly happy” and I am telling the world about it. No – they did not put me up to this! They have not a clue that I am bragging about their customer service.

Isn’t that a great looking color??


Here’s the label in case you are interested. Complete with my fingerprints!!!




Now I need more bar stools. These are the ones we had in Texas. I want four that swivel to be able to eat “and” watch TV!


I think we spent less than $100 on this island. Now I am happy that I did not get rid of that “useless” section of our old kitchen cabinets.

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The Luck of the Irish to ya!!!

I have been sporting green all week!!  I was asked yesterday why I was wearing green when  St. Pat’s day was not until Sunday.   Well, basically I like to drag out holidays and give them the celebration they deserve. No crime in that! Actually green is a color that has never been a big player in my wardrobe. But a couple of years ago it starting calling my name!!  I am now able to do an entire week of green!

Tonight we had a St. Paddy’s  Eve dinner……….corned beef, cabbage and my all time favorite Guinness Beer Bread!  I always do our corned beef in a crock pot. It’s too easy and always tastes yummy.

Our favorite way to do cabbage is to roast it.  A little olive oil, sea salt, black pepper and fennel seeds. Or caraway seeds if you are not a fan of the licorice flavor of the fennel seeds. Either way – it is Oh so delish!!


But, the Guinness Bread is really good!! Really dense. Really hardy.  Stick to your ribs bread!

 Guinness Bread

1-cup regular oatmeal – not quick

2 cups whole-wheat flour

½ c. packed brown sugar

2 t. baking soda

1 t. baking powder

1 t. salt

¼ cup butter, melted

1-cup buttermilk

2 t. vanilla

12 oz Guinness Beer

Heat over to 425. Grease cast iron skillet.

Combine first 6 ingredients in bow.  Stir in butter, mixing well.  Stir in buttermilk and vanilla.  Gently stir in Guinness, do not beat.

Pour into prepared pan and sprinkle with oats.

Bake for 30 minutes.  Reduce temp to 400 and bake additional 30 minutes.

Turn off oven and allow the bread to cool slowly with the door open for 30 minutes.  Turn out onto a wire rack.  Serve warm with butter and honey.

 Anything is better with butter and honey in my humble opinion!  But we now use Agave Nectar instead of honey in our house.




I love the platter I found at Marshall’s several years ago – and look how cute my lil Leprechauns are. They’re bobble heads – give them a little tap and they dance a little jiggity jig. The sign pointing to Dublin is a gift from our youngest son when he was on his way to do his 2nd deployment in Iraq. They had a stop over in Ireland and he bought this for his mama!! How sweet is that!! He always asked if I know if the sign is really pointing towards Dublin. Son, I have not a clue. Hope that is ok with you!




I hope you do something fun for St. Paddy’s Day!! Wear your green!


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Red & White on my Mind This Valentine Week

Something about Valentine’s Day makes one think red!!  Or red and white. Or even shades of red!! Myself, I am a girl who has always loved red. Even those personality test that match you up with a color – mine is red. Thank goodness because I would really hate it if I had the personality of a color I did not like!!

Come on inside and enjoy all the red & white.

























Hoping this red & white will get you in the mood for Valentines!

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Things I Love Week – Cupolas

I have always wanted a style of home where I can add a cupola. Or two. So far that has not happened. So in meantime I admire homes that do have a cupola – or two.  Kinda jealous.

Cupolas have a long, long history being first used as far back as the 8th century.  They began as very large structures in which there were balconies inside of the dome and a daily call to prayer would be made. They were first seen in Islamic architecture and continued in to the Renaissance period and today we are still loving this great style.  They evolved into grand and ornate structures.   Like any good architecture style – they always stand the test of time. Adding this architectural detail of a cupola it will provide valuable and interesting curb appeal that will certainly makes your home stand out.  Good design never seems to go out of style, does it?

Cathedral of Saint Margaret, in Montefiascone, Italy


You may think  Russia when you hear cupola – although I have heard onion tops many times.



Or you may picture a weathervane



Today they still serve as beautiful architecture. To me they are perfect eye catching detail. Without the addition of the cupola things would be just “plain jane”. Imagine this house below without the cupola. It still would be a lovely home – but it’s cupola makes the whole house demand attention.



This house has two different style of cupolas – actually the one to the left has a purpose aiding in the ventilation of the home  and the one to the right has a clock. How cool is that – I would always know what time I got home if I had a clock over my garage. Very cool detail.




Pretty much in love with this house………….not only do I love that it has a cupola but check out that front window and the roof line. Yes sir! Great detail.





Perfect on a cottage – how sweet is this little house??


Garages are perfect for a cupola







Even on a home’s breezeway



OH MY!! I think I could be one happy girl in this home. So much detail to take in. Seriously, take some time looking at this home. It is quite lovely!! Just wonder what the rest of the home looks like. Bet the inside is awesome.



Do you have a small structure in your back yard?? Look how much character a cupola adds to it.











I also love seeing cupolas on pool houses





Have a barn sitting in your back yard?? I don’t either – but I think this is a pretty awesome barn. Actually, I love to look at old barn when we take car trips. I find the two windows in this barns cupola interesting……….one square and one rectangle.   I think old barns have lots of character. I know, I may be a tad weird.



Hmmm – now after writing this post I think I have found a place for maybe one or two cupolas. Will need to have to add it to the long list of “wants”!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend !