Okra – and lots of it!

I think my husband got a little carried away when he was planting okra seeds. WE have okra – lots of it! Seeing that our weather here in Oklahoma has been 100 plus for way too long, which is  what okra likes best – hot stinkin weather!! Okra seriously grows over night, so be prepared to harvest it daily.

I am still amazed that a little flower will become such an edible delight!! I think the flower is beautiful with it’s dark purple center – and just look at all the okra babies around the flower.

I am having to get creative with all the okra we have. We have fried it, put lots in the freezer, then pickled some which was quite tasty but was a lot of work. Here is what I think is quite tasty…………roasted!! It is so tasty I can not get enough of it! The biggest bonus  is that it is not that fattening!!  Score!

Here is what you do- just take the amount you want to eat and lay them out on your roasting pan.

This is my Pampered Chef pan – it is well seasoned because I roast most of our veggies on it.  I probably put less than 1 T of olive oil on it and just rolled the okra with my hand. Placed it in a 400 degree oven for 12 minutes.

Then I drizzled balsamic on it and sprinkled it with coarse sea salt. YUMMO!!! What is great about roasted okra is that it is “pick up” food, like a nutritional appetizer.  That’s a good thing because I have eaten some fattening appetizers  in my day!!

Try it – I think you will like it!! Plus if you have any okra recipes, please send them my way!