My Fall Front Porch – Better Late Than Never!

With all the “remodeling of the remodel”, I finally spiffed up our front porch for fall.  While they were repairing our wood floors indoors we were having flagstone laid on our front porch so I had to wait on the job to be completed before I could decorate our front porch.

Here is the before……….just plain and boring concrete.

We added brick to the curb of the front porch to match with the brick arch on the porch.

And yes – our brick mason is a lady!! How bout that!

So now that it is finished it was time to decorate.

I had so much sample paint left over from deciding what color  to paint our cabinets that I used some of the paint on our pumpkins.

I love fall!!! Our leaves are just now starting to turn colors which is later than normal. I am sure it is because we had a gross (very gross) hot summer here in Oklahoma with hardly any rain. Seriously, I can hardly remember what rain looks like!!

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Remodeling the Remodel!! Does That Really Happen?? YEPPERS!!!

Ok – I know I have not posted in a  long time. Big Bummer Story…………but we had a water leak on our new, gorgeous, pristine hardwood floors and it really let the wind out of my sails!! As I have said before, I have really enjoyed the remodel process – even tho it was stressful at times. But I seriously had a bad case of denial when it came to getting a grip on the fact that we were going to have to again move everything out of our house to repair and replace the damaged floor. We even had to move out the appliances in our kitchen. Not to mention working with our insurance – that may be another post!!

Here is the process of ripping out damaged wood floors. Once the floor is removed the “dry down” begins……………….seal off the area and add the fans and dehumidifiers. Noise!!

 Heat it up – dry it down!!

With the plastic barriers up the temperature got up to over 90 degrees.

The guys in the background are un-hooking (is that a word?) our Wolf range and moving it to our garage.

All of this equipment was running in our house for 5 days. 5 long days!! Very long days!

You have heard of sleep machines? We had our white noise for 5 nights.

 Industrial size dehumidifier!

Even all the travertine in our laundry and bathroom had to come out. Sniff, Sniff!!

So whatcha goin do? You take care of what needs to be taken care of and move on!!! As of today the floors have been totally replaced, sanded, custom stained, and had 3 coats of seal placed. Now we need to wait 3 weeks for them to cure.

I will post this week other progress we’ve taken on the exterior of our home.

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Tootles -


Things I “Need” Week – A Trumeau Mirror

We have a landing going to our upstairs and  I am thinking a trumeau style mirror would look great there. It is a dark area and the mirror would be a nice reflection and give light to that area. So, what exactly is a Trumeau Mirror? I think this source gives the best description.

The trumeau mirror originated in France during the 18th century and are as popular today as they were then.  Trumeau mirrors were intended to hang on the wall between windows providing a decorative element to the wall as well as serve a purpose of bringing in more light.  Most antique trumeau mirrors are found painted, as the style of most homes during the 18th century homes were painted in rich faux work with ornate plaster frieze that ornamented the walls. The trumeau mirror is quite easy to identify, as it is most often rectangular in design. The size of the mirror was dependant on the size of the mantle or the width of the wall on which the trumeau hung.  Trumeau mirrors are designed where the bottom portion is the mirror itself, while the top is generally decorative.   The lower portion of a trumeau is always a mirror, and placed behind a candle and served the purpose of bringing in more light in dimly lit homes.  Homes were not wired for electricity, so any way of bringing in light which extended the hours of  daylight was a necessity.  The upper portion of a trumeau contains a relief carved design, a painting, or a second mirror.

Here are a few beautiful antique trumeau mirrors – they are exquisite!


French Louis XVI Parcel Gilt Trumeau from 1st Dibs

Louis XV Period Trumeau from 1st Dibs

Louis XVI Style Painted Mirror from 1st Dibs

This trumeau is one of my favorites – it’s a big one for sure.

If you can not afford a real deal antique trumeau mirror, there are ways to do a fake trumeau in order just to get the “look”. I am ok with that. My husband has become pretty handy with a miter saw and I have found a great moulding shop here in our city.  I either go to H3 or S & S Moulding. I love to just look at all of the trim, mouldings, appliques, corbels and imagine what projects I could do. Here is a mirror I found that I love – I took the photo to the moulding shop and we have matched up most of it. The onlay/applique at the top will be a tad different but the rest of it we found.

Ok, wish us luck. Of course my husband has a list a mile long of little projects he needs to finish. But, I love it when they build something for us………….they just strut around like they built the entire house. he is just so proud when I compliment him over and over on what a great job he did. Just need to do that stuff because they’re like little boys on the inside.

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Things I “Need” Week – Bed Crowns

I have always wanted a bedroom with a bed crown or corona! I thought I would do one in the new house we have now, but after I  showed my husband  what I wanted , he rolled his eyes, shook his head, then he looked at me ever so sweetly and said, “let’s not”. Hmmmm – think that is his way of saying no.  I love those things and will not give up that easily so I am thinking about putting one in our guest room that just has a twin bed. I doubt my husband would mine that location seeing that he most likely will never sleep in that room. Actually, my husband really doesn’t offer his opinion that often. I just made the mistake of asking him what he thought.  I normally just go ahead and do what I want. It is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission is my motto!!

How fun is this room?? So very girly. But I like the crown itself.


Very feminine room. Love the shape of the crown and it’s detail. It is even monogrammed which always gets me all jazzed.


They are perfect for daybeds. Love the pom-pom fringe.

This is more of a valance. Love that monogram!! And of course the ottoman is perfect to set in front of the daybed.


Talk about over the top!!

There are no limits to being creative with a bed crown. Smocking,  upholstered headboard and tons of pillows.


A true bed crown.

Total glam!!


Ok – this is one of the  photos I showed my husband. Now, granted we do not have those fabulous ceiling but I sure do like this room. Kinda looking at that chandelier…….is it a bit too small?? I am not being judgmental but it was just a thought that popped into my head. Hey, I’m just a girl with a wish list miles long!!


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Things I “Need” Week – Demilune Tables

A demilune is a half moon table that can have 2 ,3, or4 legs and is pushed up against a wall. There are also console or sofa tables that can also be pushed up to a wall or a sofa but they will be rectangular in shape and not a half circle like a demilune. A console could have two to four legs.  I have a short wall in between our foyer and dining that is perfect for a demilune!! All I need to do now is find the exact one I want!

This one has 4 legs

This one has 3 legs – this table is perfect for this spot as it would be great for keys or mail.

OK – I love the table, I love the chairs and  I love the tole trays but I don’t ya think things are a bit out of proportion? Really hard to say unless you see the entire room. But, look at that cute stand under the table!!

A demilune with blue and white……….what’s not to like??

Love this barley twist demilune



Here is a handy demilune because of it’s drawers



I think this is so pretty with burl and inlaid wood.


This is a Hepplewhite flip top demilune


Here is another flip top used as a night stand – love this one!!!

Well – the hunt begins. Wish me luck!!

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Things I “Need” Week – Lantern Lights

Lantern love!! I think that our breakfast room/butlers pantry deserves a lantern! A zinc lantern to be exact.

I love this entire kitchen – but the lantern really is incredible.

We all love the lantern that Brook choose in her breakfast area.

source: houzz

This is pretty much my fav

This one is similar to the one above – from Circa Lighting.  It sells for $1.050 which is more than I want can spend.

And this one is from Pottery Barn for $399.00 which is more in my budget.

Yes, think this one is pretty special also

Almost like the one above – from Circa Lighting

Oh gosh! Maybe this one is really my favorite. See why it is so hard to find the right one? I love most of the lanterns I see.

This one is quite special but not oh-la-la for me.

This red one makes quite a statement. They even have two more red lanterns on the wall. I always wonder what the rest of the home looks like when I see pictures like this.

I am pretty sure this house has 8 foot ceilings like ours. I like how they used over sized pieces to fill the space.

This lantern from Ballard Design is similar to the one above – other than the color.

I like this one because it has no glass – it would be maintenance free.  Or it could bug me that it is a bit too simple.

I like lantern bell jars also. I am afraid that dust would accumulate in the bottom of the jar tho.  Someone with OCD couldn’t handle that!

I think this is the one that I am getting. No – its not zinc. Bummer. But I couldn’t afford a zinc one anyway – they’re a little pricy and I have been hemorrhaging money with this remodel of ours. I may get brave and “zinc it up”.

I got to get things crossed off my list!!

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Slow Progress is Better Than No Progress

I feel I am living in slow motion with this remodel. Seriously! I feel that things were really clipping along and then BAM!! All the final details seem to be taking forever!

SO, here is the window that was delivered for over the sink. Hmmmm – notice anything not quite right??? I obsessed in this remodel on everything being balanced and in symmetry. I made it into a big deal! Literally! So, why would I order a casement window over the sink that was not centered with the sink? I didn’t!  So they went ahead and installed it and ordered the correct window – to be rushed of course.

Here is the correct window!

The panels have now been placed on the fridge and dishwasher – plus the hardware was installed!!

We have a faucet, which means running water. That is always a plus. We even have a disposal now!

Our backsplash was put in this week!! I love my beveled subway tile. Plus our electrician put in the LED under the cabinet lights. Now my trim guy needs to come back and finish out the window. Oh – that will take forever because I am sure he is on another job.


Front door has had one coat of tung oil on it. Waiting to see how much is absorbed.

Even more fun and games is putting everything back in it’s place! But first you have to wash and dust most of it! Takes for-freakin-ever!!! Never in my life have seen the dust that we have here!!

Then in the middle of all of this the dang AC unit upstairs pan overflowed!!!! Just lovely. Now our freshly painted ceiling in our family room has a monster patch on it. Just when I thought I was finished with drywall dust! We are just thankful that we were home when it happened! Now, the pan has a sensor in it that will turn the unit off when water gets in it. Pretty genius! Wonder why it did not have that already as it is only about 3 years old???

My to-do list is so, so very long!!! I just want to snap my fingers and it be done! I love instant gratification……………….don’t you?

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New Marble Countertops

Still making progress! What should of happened last week, happened today. Have to say that our Shaw Farm sink by Rohl has caused some problems. Since each sink is hand made, they vary in their measurements. They say +/- 2%. I have asked 2% of what?? Do not have that answer yet. The right side of the sink is 1/4″ higher that the left. Thank goodness for shims.


Crema Marfil Marble – white and cream kitchen = love it!!

Tomorrow our plumber Eddie comes (or so he says) and we will have running water and a dishwasher.  I promise I will never ever complain about emptying the dishwasher again!! Girl Scouts Honor. Pinky Promise and all that jazz. Also, our cabinet guy Roy will also install the panels on our fridge, dishwasher and install our hardware.

We’re getting there!!!

Things I Love Week – X Stools

I  have so many things on my want list. I get my “wants” confused with my “needs”.  I want it – therefore I need it. My husband has heard it a million times. He turns a death ear at this point in our marriage.

As I have been checking out all of these stools I have also discovered that they have not always been called “X Stools”  but it’s also a curule, a Dante chair, Savonarola chair, a Faldistorium or even a scissors chair. I discovered this bit of info from the Design Sponge.

My “want” now are a couple of X stools for our living room. So many choices.  These particular stools have too much of straight line for me. I want the more “curvy” look.

They provide extra seating

I really like these with the nail heads.  Wow – this is a pretty dramatic room!! I think they are fans of Gone With the Wind – what do you think? . Whats up with the evil look on her face tho???

I love the curvy detail especially with the added fringe. X stools can be used any where in your home. 


These bleached wood beauties were found on 1st Dibs

Looks like this X stool resides in a foyer – serene beauty.


They even adapt for a more contemporary flair

French antique giltwood Charles X Stool from Alhambra Antiques – beautimous!!!!!

They also make great coffee tables


Love this outdoor room.


They can be used at the end of the bed

I love the color combo here………turquoise velvet!! Yum!


I like this style but minus the black and animal print


Have you ever thought about using some X stools somewhere in your home? If you are using them, I would love to see them.

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Demo on Delaware – Appliance Installation in Progress

Merry Christmas to us!!! Finally! Finally! We got to a point where the appliances could be delivered. Now I could move beyond the visualization stage in my mind and see the real deal. I could not wait to get this baby off the truck. I have wanted a Wolf range for so long!

Getting closer to the front door! Come to me baby!

and of course our Bella has to supervise everyone!!

I have become accustomed to things not going smoothly for the last couple of weeks. So, of course, my electrician did not install a 220 for the Wolf but only a 110. And of course he is on vacation this week!! Dang it!! The burners work tho since they’re gas but  have to use a match. Not the end of the world!!

 Roy, our cabinet guy, has  totally has solved the problem with our farm sink I discussed in this post. He used Bondo!!! The cool thing about Bondo, which is used to repair cars, ends up being as hard as the wood but then sands like butter.

 Ahhhhhh…………….Bondo is da bomb!!

 But, I have a big issue with these farm sinks. I will need to do a post only on them as they are very challenging !

Another bit of progress is that the laundry and small bath is being tiled.  I picked a 4 X 8 tumbled travertine laid in a brick fashion. It’s going to be very cool!! The counter will be Ivory Gold granite although there is not that much gold in it.


 And the baseboards are about 75% finished! I choose a 5 1/2 inch base and painted it Ben Moore’s Edgecomb Gray in a pearl finish. Love that color.

All corners have been bull nosed in our remodel – and we found round pieces of base to fit on the bull nose.  I used a local company named H3 Custom Wood Mouldings.  It is like a candy store!

 Bullnose base corners from H3 Custom Wood Mouldings

 Hopefully our counter tops will be installed tomorrow or the next day!! So close !!  But still so much to do!

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