Online Fabric Stores

 Poor me! I live in a city that really does not have any good fabric stores. Well, actually we have two – but I never find any fabric that really wows me.  When I moved to Tulsa from Houston I literally had withdrawals!! I love to look at fabric even when I don’t need fabric. Hard to explain, just something that turns me on!

I snagged these Baker wing backs at an estate well over a year ago. If I still had a grandmother she would love the fabric. Me, not so much!! I bought them because I just liked their style even if I had to look past the “granny” fabric.



I have spent the last year looking for fabric and finally found what I wanted at FabricGuru -an online fabric store. And the price was right!  The problem is that  it does not have a front or back. So, just when I find the fabric I love – now I have to decide which side of the fabric I want.

Do I want this side???



Or do I want this side??????  This is stressing me out!!



I feel silly that I am making such a big deal out of it!! Kinda know which side speaks to me the most. Just hope when my upholstery guy shows up tomorrow I am confident in my decision!!



What’s your opinion??

Check back to see the big reveal!!  I also have another project I used an online fabric store that I need to share with you.


Monograms – “All by Yourself”

I am addicted to monograms! Always have been – always will be! I have always thought they were wonderful! Even when my boys were young I loved doing monograms for them. I had some of their outfits professionally monogrammed with their names but it was expensive and a true sacrifice!! I had to figure out another way to do it on the cheap. I would find some cool fabric, trace their names out and then use zig zag stitch on my sewing machine. I did sweatshirts, pillows & beach towels. I would look at designs in their coloring books and use a picture as a template and use that as a template. Yep! Still have that obsession with monograms. Let’s just say I am a bit more refined with them now!

Now that we are truly in the computer age – I can still do monogramming “all by myself”! Check out this funky chair that I did my initials on!

This is a cathedral chair. The oval back is perfect for a monogram.

Create your monogram in Word using “word art”. I used the Harrington font for this project.  I put the initial of my last name in the center, my first name initial to the left and my maiden name initial to the left.


Cut your initials out.


Now we need to cut out the fabric you are going to use for your monogram.


This is Wonder Under which you can buy at Jo-Ann Fabrics. It is like stitch witchery but with the use of your iron it will fuse on both sides of your fabric. Make sure to read the instructions. It is really easier to use if your fabric does not have a wrong side.

Fuse the fabric with your iron.



Cut out your monogram


Iron or fuse to your fabric. I used a drop cloth for my fabric – and a linen fabric for my  monogram.  At this point you could stop and not applique stitch your monogram to the fabric – the Wonder Under fuses the fabric very tight – but I wanted it to look more like a professional monogram.




Staple and trim fabric.


Now we are ready to add trim to hide the staples.



Apply your trim. I got mine at Hobby Lobby – I think it was $.97 a yard. Cheap!! I did use a hot glue gun but that was a mistake. Although hot glue guns are great tools – they are not for all projects. I should of used a fabric glue.





A little bit of whimsy for our guest room!