Romantic Valentine Dinner for Two

We are having a special dinner at home tonight. I know! Valentines Day is not until Tuesday. There are lessons learned in the past only remind us that if you want to go out for a special and romantic dinner – don’t do it on the 14th of February. I think marketing has trained our society that we must make a mad dash to our favorite restaurant on Valentines Day.  Besides tonight we will be more relaxed to enjoy our dinner and in reality I never know when my husband is going to come home after work. He is in health care biz and that is not a 9 – 5 job!!!

We have a beautiful silver champagne/wine bucket that normally gets used only for flowers.  This red begonia looks like roses. 

I think we will have a Cosmo – I can only have one!!! ONE!! Those things beg me to have more than one but again…..”lessons learned”…… is plenty for this girl. I love these Waterford Martini glasses. They get used one time a year – kinda sad, huh!


We have this small table in the corner of our living room. It is actually an antique card table. The tablecloth is from my precious Aunt Pearl who told me she made it – but my mother said she doubted it.  I loved my Aunt Pearl so much, I always look at this tablecloth and imagine that she did make it. But, my mother was probably right………there would of been no way my Aunt Pearl could of sat still long enough to crochet the tablecloth.


We have a small collection of monogrammed silver – I love these butter knifes. 


 The chargers are actually over sized dinner plates that I only have 4 of them – I think they came from Home Goods over 10 years ago.

The dinner plates are Johnson Bros. Chippendale pattern.

The bread plate/salad plate is Villeroy & Boch Fasan

Water and Wine glasses are Waterford Lismore 

Martini glasses are Waterford

Martini shaker from Pottery Barn 


Happy Valentines to all!

“Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” 

1 Corinthians 13: 6-7 NIV1984

Thanksgiving on my MIND!!

It is comforting to know that there are people out there just like me!! Sometimes I wonder? I just checked out some of my favorite blogs and saw some of the most beautiful Thanksgiving table settings that I would like to share. I am sure there will be millions of beautiful tables tomorrow – not because of the decorations but the people sitting around the table are the most important people to us. Although there will be people missing around your table – they will nevertheless be held in your heart.

Go check out Conspicuous Style – she has posted some beautiful Thanksgiving table settings.

My new favorite blog is StoneGable. Goodness-me-gracious you need to go check out her tablescapes, they are incredible!!


My go to blog is The Collected Table by Kathryn Greeley. She is pure class and her tables are so elegant and welcoming.

Of course there is the Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving table – my things have changed over the years haven’t they??


How to set the Proper Table for Thanksgiving

I know you are a busy little pilgrim right now and probably setting your table for Thanksgiving – and I know it will be simply beautiful table!!  Any table in which your family is sitting is beautiful site!

I used to get so confused about where things went on a table, I even had this little picture of how to set a table properly taped inside one of my kitchen cabinets.  That was before the day when I just hop on my computer and google that information.

Here is a picture of the properly set table.


Classy & Fabulous is a wonderful blog for all sorts of etiquette .

Hints to remember:

Think of your right hand, the word right has 5 letters as does “knife” and “spoon” .

Think of your left hand, this word “left” has 4 letters as does “fork”

Take your left hand and with your thumb and pointing finger make the letter “b” – the bread plate is on your “left”

With your right hand do the same thing with your thumb and pointing finger and form the letter “d” – your drinking glasses are placed on your right.

I pray that you may have a blessed Thanksgiving and that you will look around your table to see that we are all God’s children!!

Setting the Table for Thanksgiving – Part IV

I am still finding more Thanksgiving dinnerware –  this one is by Spode called Celebration Turkey Thanksgiving and has the same trim on the plate that the Spode Woodland pattern has.  The dinnerware is microwave and dishwasher safe earthenware. I really like this one because is simply brown and cream transferware. Dinner Plate –  I found these on Amazon at $120.00 for 4 plates. Then I found a better deal on ebay for 134.99 for 8 plates that were listed as brand new.   Salad or Desert Plates – Also found on Amazon for 4 for $99.00 and also found some on ebay for $35.99 for four plus shipping. I am seeing half price here, aren’t you? Bread and Butter Plates – which I love small little plates. These also were on Amazon for 4 for 79.99 or ebay for $35.99. Rimmed Soup Bowls – on Amazon for 4 for $79.99. Aren’t they wonderful? Really could not find a better deal on ebay except 8 for $129.99. Vegetable Serving Bowl – on Amazon for $99.99 and also on ebay for $39.99 plus shipping.   Platter – on Amazon for $109.99 and measures 14 X 10.5.  The best deal I saw on ebay was a platter for $59.99 and free shipping! Coffee Mug (12 oz)- on Amazon for $89.99 for a set of four and then on ebay for $99.99 for 8!!! Well, I can do the math on this one!! I think this pattern is my favorite so far because it is so simple and classic.  Many people have creme dishes and this pattern would mix beautifully if you only wanted to do this patterns salad plates and then stack your dishes on a rattan charger and finish it off with a chocolate brown napkin.  Very pretty and simple in my opinion!! Line some potted rosemary or sage down center of the table wrapped in chocolate brown burlap tied with a creme colored satin ribbon and oh-my-gosh……….your guest will swoon!! Of course, don’t forget to mix some votive candles in! Thanks for stopping by. Can you believe Thanksgiving is so near??

Setting the Table for Thanksgiving – Part III

There is yet more dinnerware for Thanksgiving that is embellished with our friend Tom Turkey. This one is called Queens Mott Thanksgiving by Churchill, unforunately it is discontinued and a bit harder to find. But I still love it and it also has that vintage and “handed down by my Grandmother” look. The colors are wonderful and very “old timey” .

Here is the dinner plate. I love the pinks, greens, golds,  browns and the black details of the turkey. I did find a good deal on ebay for 12  for $119.99 and free shipping.   I have found that there are reproductions of this pattern also on ebay.

This would look wonderful on a mossy green charger and a natural colored table cloth.

Salad or Desert Plate ( 8 inch)


Rimmed Soup Bowls – Oh my gosh !  they are wonderful. I found these at This particular photo shows off the colors of pattern best.


I found this 13inch  charger on Amazon for $28.99


I would love to see a tureen and other pieces in this pattern but I just could not find them!  But all is not lost because accenting this pattern with other dishes you have would make your tablescape more interesting.

Thanks for stopping by – come back because there is more Thanksgiving patterns to show you.


Setting the Table for Thanksgiving – Part II

Here is another china pattern that has a turkey on it to use for your Thanksgiving table from Johnson Bros. called His Majesty. This pattern just looks like your grandmother gave it to you and I do love the colors in this pattern.

Dinner Plate

Salad Plate

They also have a square salad plate which I like better


Bread and Butter Plate – how awesome!

Fruit Bowls – I love these little bowls because they are so dainty!

Coffee Mug – which doesn’t jazz me at all – but I do like that Tom turkey is inside there peeking out at us.

Coffee Cup and Saucer


Another style creamer that I found on Ebay

Sugar Bowl – love this one also.

Vegetable Bowl

Oval Serving Platter – 18 inch

Rectangle Serving Platter 20 inch- loving this one also because I’d like to have it just to put on a stand. It is so vintage looking

The Tureen – and oh how I love tureens!!


I even found a deviled egg platter on Ebay which is incredible – we normally don’t have deviled eggs on Thanksgiving but we would start if I had this dish. It is so stinkin cute! I think I may


I think cranberry colored glasses would pick up that same color in the plates. Sorry for the teeny tiny photos.

So there you go – yet another option for your Thanksgiving table!

Thank you for stopping by!











Setting the table for Thanksgiving – Part I

I have been checking out Thanksgiving china the last couple of days, which is crazy because I don’t even need Thanksgiving china!! We don’t even have Thanksgiving dinner at our own home -we always go to my cousins home for the totally perfect Thanksgiving – they have everything down to an exact science and all of our family brings part of the dinner. But for the record, I have had Thanksgiving at our house twice during the last 36 years.

Spode Woodlands has been a favorite of mine forever – I think this pattern called American Turkery would be wonderful on a Thanksgiving table.  I found and Amazon to have the best prices.



Then add the salad plate…………

and the soup bowl………..

gotta have your gravy boat…………


And your turkey deserves this platter – which comes in 2 sizes, so why not get both? Love this platter!


and when it’s time for desert……….

and nothing goes better with desert than coffee……..

and wouldn’t this flatware be “over the top”?

I would use this table cloth I found at Crate & Barrel ……..

add the chargers…….and this table runner I found at Cost Plus World Market

and for the glassware which I also found at Cost Plus World Market………


then take these luminaries and place them on reindeer moss around table – has great decorations that will save you money – which you’ll need if you have bought some of the Spode Woodlands China!!

and then scatter some small white pumpkins around – tie the stems with some brown satin ribbon…….beautiful!

There you go! I think all of these lovelies will make a beautiful Thanksgiving table.