Setting the table for Thanksgiving – Part I

I have been checking out Thanksgiving china the last couple of days, which is crazy because I don’t even need Thanksgiving china!! We don’t even have Thanksgiving dinner at our own home -we always go to my cousins home for the totally perfect Thanksgiving – they have everything down to an exact science and all of our family brings part of the dinner. But for the record, I have had Thanksgiving at our house twice during the last 36 years.

Spode Woodlands has been a favorite of mine forever – I think this pattern called American Turkery would be wonderful on a Thanksgiving table.  I found and Amazon to have the best prices.



Then add the salad plate…………

and the soup bowl………..

gotta have your gravy boat…………


And your turkey deserves this platter – which comes in 2 sizes, so why not get both? Love this platter!


and when it’s time for desert……….

and nothing goes better with desert than coffee……..

and wouldn’t this flatware be “over the top”?

I would use this table cloth I found at Crate & Barrel ……..

add the chargers…….and this table runner I found at Cost Plus World Market

and for the glassware which I also found at Cost Plus World Market………


then take these luminaries and place them on reindeer moss around table – has great decorations that will save you money – which you’ll need if you have bought some of the Spode Woodlands China!!

and then scatter some small white pumpkins around – tie the stems with some brown satin ribbon…….beautiful!

There you go! I think all of these lovelies will make a beautiful Thanksgiving table.