Things I Love Week – Silver Champagne Buckets


SO !! Whether you call it a Champagne bucket or Champagne urn – it’s not just for stashing your bubbly.  I’m personally partial to the Champagne bucket that is in the urn style.  Silver  Champagne urns don’t have to be used in  fancy and formal settings.   Like the post on silver trays I did yesterday – champagne urns have tons of uses.  Just use you creativity.

We have a pair of champagne urns – they are either used separately in different rooms of the house or it seems during the holidays I do use them as a pair. At Christmas I use them to hold small Christmas trees and then at Easter they hold egg topiaries.  Right now  I have one of them by the stove in the kitchen to hold our utensils.




Here’s another champagne urn used to hold utensils


I love this one with all of it’s years of wear – it has been well loved.


 This urn is such a pretty compliment to a buffet


They are perfect to use in your foyer


Orchids are perfect for a Champagne Bucket


They’re even at home in the bedroom


And of course they have a place even in the bathroom



Champagne Urns can even hold your hand towels – kinda simple with a nice impact!

They are be used for your favorite flowers


You can find Champagne Buckets at estate sales, consignment stores,  Ebay, or Etsy.  If you want to be frugal you can find them in silver plate.  I even saw some as little as $35.

Thank you for visiting. I hope this post has given you some inspiration to go out and buy a Champagne bucket  to use  in your decor whether it is rustic or refined!!