Pinks and Purples in the Spring Landscape

I am in awe on my morning walks while I am blessed to take in the colors of the season. The yellows have been so cheerful and now they have the company with  beautiful shades of purple and pinks. The blooms that I see are spectacular and I do not take one single blossom for granted.  I see each blossom as a gift from  God to show me how much he loves me,  to give me such beauty to enjoy as I take my morning walk! Spring is so spectacular in that God makes it bloom when there is no competition in the landscape is incredibly awesome.

This is a Redbud which is Oklahoma’s state tree. This tree is in the yard across the street from our home.

Why  it is called “Red” bud I am not sure because it is more of a lavender/pink/purple combo.

Here is another Redbud with Yellow Jasmine

The colors of the Redbud and the Yellow Jasmine are opposite on the color wheel

which makes even more of an impact on the spring landscape

This is a Patio Peach that I bought and planted this last weekend-

it will not get very big but oh my goodness those blossoms are spectacular!

I have called this tree a “tulip tree” forever but it’s real name is Saucer Magnolia.

At this time of year it is nothing but blossoms. No leaves! Just show stopping blossoms.

It’s branches are gray to allow the star of the show to be on display.

Even the sky today was beautiful!!

Look close at how the bloom starts……..deep purple and then as it opens it turns into a velvety pink.

Isn’t Mother Nature simply incredible??

I have no earthly idea what this tree is. All I know is that it’s color is  luscious!!

Oh how I wish I could view this color 365 days a year!

But then, would I take it all for granted?

Again – not a clue what these are. They look like bulbs to me. Just a small cluster that demands attention.

But I love the strong purple color against the abyss of beige and winter’s leaves tangled up among it’s stems.

I hope that where ever you may live you are enjoying the colors of the season.