Decorating with Antique Linen Hand Towels

I have always loved antique linen hand towels. I think they look so pretty hanging as a collection in a powder or guest bath. The vintage towels add more interest than just going to one of your department stores and buying hand towels.  Since I love monograms so much, I especially like the antique hand towels with  monograms on them. To me they are an art!

Even Eddie Ross loves them!!


Isn’t this a beautiful monogram with the scalloped frame around it?



Even the hem of the towel has scallop finish.

Each time I see one of these towels I think it is my favorite! I think this one is my favorite. Can you believe the detail. I always wonder who made this and how long did it take?



Oh my! Lots of work on this one. Isn’t it beautiful. I found this one at


And look now at the rest of the detail.

Now wouldn’t this be fun to display during Valentines? It really does not bother me that I don’t know who “SB” is – maybe make up a fun story about her to entertain your guests!


When I first saw this towel I thought, ” Oh! Even their butler has his own monogramed towel” – then I realized that most likely the family’s last name was Butler!!  Silly me!
Here are some our my linen towels. The photo is not the best. I swear I am going to buy a better camera!
I have always loved this delicate blue one – it once belonged to my mother-in-law.
Displaying antique linen  towels

Monograms – Part II


After I posted about monograms last week I noticed that one of my favorite decorators also did a post on monograms. I was just a bit proud of myself that Phoebe Howard and I would both be thinking about monograms. She even had a chair in her post that “kinda”  looks like the chair I did. I think I need to move my chair into our master bedroom!

courtesy of Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper

Here’s my chair.


I really love this chair!  I have a similar chair I would love to upholster like this. How cute is this chair?  Now, I would not do a monogram on it –  maybe one could have too many things monogrammed around their house!


More on Monograms

Here is another monogram project I did for outside. I used the same technique as in my last post, but this time I used some leftover Sunbrella fabric I had. I saw these Pottery Barn pillows when they went on sale this summer and loved the red and green colors – and realized I had some fabric to coordinate!! Always exciting to use up leftover fabric. It seems you’re doing it for free!!





Monograms – “All by Yourself”

I am addicted to monograms! Always have been – always will be! I have always thought they were wonderful! Even when my boys were young I loved doing monograms for them. I had some of their outfits professionally monogrammed with their names but it was expensive and a true sacrifice!! I had to figure out another way to do it on the cheap. I would find some cool fabric, trace their names out and then use zig zag stitch on my sewing machine. I did sweatshirts, pillows & beach towels. I would look at designs in their coloring books and use a picture as a template and use that as a template. Yep! Still have that obsession with monograms. Let’s just say I am a bit more refined with them now!

Now that we are truly in the computer age – I can still do monogramming “all by myself”! Check out this funky chair that I did my initials on!

This is a cathedral chair. The oval back is perfect for a monogram.

Create your monogram in Word using “word art”. I used the Harrington font for this project.  I put the initial of my last name in the center, my first name initial to the left and my maiden name initial to the left.


Cut your initials out.


Now we need to cut out the fabric you are going to use for your monogram.


This is Wonder Under which you can buy at Jo-Ann Fabrics. It is like stitch witchery but with the use of your iron it will fuse on both sides of your fabric. Make sure to read the instructions. It is really easier to use if your fabric does not have a wrong side.

Fuse the fabric with your iron.



Cut out your monogram


Iron or fuse to your fabric. I used a drop cloth for my fabric – and a linen fabric for my  monogram.  At this point you could stop and not applique stitch your monogram to the fabric – the Wonder Under fuses the fabric very tight – but I wanted it to look more like a professional monogram.




Staple and trim fabric.


Now we are ready to add trim to hide the staples.



Apply your trim. I got mine at Hobby Lobby – I think it was $.97 a yard. Cheap!! I did use a hot glue gun but that was a mistake. Although hot glue guns are great tools – they are not for all projects. I should of used a fabric glue.





A little bit of whimsy for our guest room!