Things I “Need” Week – Lantern Lights

Lantern love!! I think that our breakfast room/butlers pantry deserves a lantern! A zinc lantern to be exact.

I love this entire kitchen – but the lantern really is incredible.

We all love the lantern that Brook choose in her breakfast area.

source: houzz

This is pretty much my fav

This one is similar to the one above – from Circa Lighting.  It sells for $1.050 which is more than I want can spend.

And this one is from Pottery Barn for $399.00 which is more in my budget.

Yes, think this one is pretty special also

Almost like the one above – from Circa Lighting

Oh gosh! Maybe this one is really my favorite. See why it is so hard to find the right one? I love most of the lanterns I see.

This one is quite special but not oh-la-la for me.

This red one makes quite a statement. They even have two more red lanterns on the wall. I always wonder what the rest of the home looks like when I see pictures like this.

I am pretty sure this house has 8 foot ceilings like ours. I like how they used over sized pieces to fill the space.

This lantern from Ballard Design is similar to the one above – other than the color.

I like this one because it has no glass – it would be maintenance free.  Or it could bug me that it is a bit too simple.

I like lantern bell jars also. I am afraid that dust would accumulate in the bottom of the jar tho.  Someone with OCD couldn’t handle that!

I think this is the one that I am getting. No – its not zinc. Bummer. But I couldn’t afford a zinc one anyway – they’re a little pricy and I have been hemorrhaging money with this remodel of ours. I may get brave and “zinc it up”.

I got to get things crossed off my list!!

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