“IF” I Was Having a Fourth of July Party This is How I Would Do It!!

If I was celebrating the 4th at our home – which I am not because of the remodel everything is still packed away in boxes!! When you can’t do something it just makes you want to do it even more and do it big. SO! If money were no object this is how I would do it. I would go even crazier than Martha and plus I would do it all myself. Who needs a staff when you are just as capable?

I would line the drive with these planters full of perfect and healthy geraniums adorning American Flags

Our front porch will look very festive with the newly painted blue shutters and porch swing, the fun bunting that I made along with all the cute pillows.  We rented that cute dog because our black and yellow labs do not coordinate with our July 4th colors.

We also like to use our red vintage pickup to serve fresh homemade lemonade


When the door bell rings,  I would greet our guest wearing this cute little dress


or maybe this dress………..I just can’t decide because they’re both cute. Maybe I will get both and change during the party.


and my perfect husband would for sure want to coordinate with what I am wearing

 We will have a tray of Pop Rockin” Red, White & Blue Cocktails which is cranberry and vodka, or pomegranate juice and seltzer. For the blue rimmed touch, we dampened the glass with lemon juice then dipped the rim of the cup into a tray of Pop Rocks (Tropical Punch). Yes, Pop Rocks! Who would of thunk??


Our guest will enter into our front room with a sofa that I slip covered in a bold red check along with blue ticking ottoman and chair

For those guests that will spend the night I will show them their room before they go outside to join the festivities.


 Then stroll out with drink in hand to our gazebo with the view of our private lake


You can’t beat a traditional July 4th menu – kobe beef hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans and cole slaw.

We will have several dessert stations set up with so many treats our guests will have a hard time deciding what to choose!! Here is one to make you own strawberry shortcake

Another table of jello shots – wouldn’t be the 4th without em! Can’t just offer one style of them – has to be at least two!!

source and source

Decisions   Decisions

Since it will be hot, nothing cools you off like an ice cream sandwich – July 4th style!!


These are fun little pick up treats

Before our private firework display we will hand out sparklers…………….it wouldn’t be the 4th without twirling your very own sparkler!!! Don’t you agree?


Another perfect July 4th at our home!! It’s going to be a hard act to follow next year.

Too bad it is all a spoof!!

Happy Birthday American – I hope everyone has a wonderful celebration and that is as perfect as mine will be!!!