Wild and Crazy Saturday Night

I guess we’re getting old! Our big Saturday night plans were to  go to another herb and plant festival.  And you know how we love to buy plants!! We try to buy those plants that we have never seen or used before. We also enjoy talking to the vendors because they share their knowledge and love for the plants. Other than the rosemary we bought the other plants we had never tried. After our plant purchases, we stopped for a light dinner and spent the evening planting. Wild and Crazy Saturday Night!!!

I had to do my research on these plants and here is what I found.

Bunnytail Grass – we had never seen this plant before but I am quite jazzed about it.  It is said to be a sought-after grass, producing the familiar “bunny tails” that are so beloved by flower arrangers. Plants are reliable and uniform – perfect for pots or informal borders. Height is 8″ and is a perennial. (information and photo from sutton.com)
I wish we had got more!!

Red Veined Sorrel – we were told to plant this where the sun could back light it to show off the red veins of the plant. Also, this herb is good in salads and soups as it has a lemon flavor.

Blackfoot Daisy – A low, round, bushy plant with flower heads of 8-10 broad white rays surrounding a small yellow central disk. Plains blackfoot or blackfoot daisy is a low, bushy, mounded perennial, 6-12 in. tall and twice as wide. It is covered with narrow leaves and 1 in. wide, white, daisy-like flowers.  These honey-scented flower heads are solitary and terminal on slender stalks. At first glance, Blackfoot Daisy appears to be the twin of White Zinnia , but flower heads of the latter species have 4-6 broad white rays and a narrow base of several overlapping scales. Both may be found in the same habitat, but the range of White Zinnia does not extend as far south as Blackfoot Daisy. (Information taken from: wildflower.org)

Pink Bee Balm – this little plant looks like nothing right now so I am anxious for it to grow and bloom because the “blossoms look awesome” – ha a little rhyme!! This plant is also a pollinator which is pretty dang important in a garden.!

African Blue Basil –  is a shrubby type basil plant which can get up to 4 feet high and across. It has lovely pink flowers and a deep musky clove flavor. The leaves are green on top, purple underneath. More ornamental than culinary, this plant has a great scent, is easy to grow and the flowers are just gorgeous! A very nicely scented plant that will draw bumble bees to the garden. (information taken from www.tastefulgarden.com)

Pear Tomatoes – never planted this variety. It will be fun to experiment.

I got up this morning  with coffee cup in hand to check on all the plants – I was secretly hoping they had doubled in size!! I must be an impatient gardener!!

Enjoy your Sunday!! Come back and visit soon.


Local Herb & Plant Festivals

I love to go to outdoor plant festivals and attended two of them this weekend. The best thing about these festivals is that you are able to buy plants you that you will not find at the nurseries. Last year I bought mostly perennials  and although you pay more for them compared to the annuals they have now paid for themselves this year. You only have to plant once and hey come back every year. It works well for me! But there are still annuals you must have.

Orange Geraniums

Love Sweet Peas!

Fendler’s Aster – I am going to give these a try.

The leaves look almost like asparagus fern and the flower like a wispy daisy.

I bought a lot of succulents last year and loved them.  Trying new ones that I have not seen  in nurseries.

Tomato & Squash Plants already with blossoms

 I love these African baskets. They are so thick and sturdy. I  really would love to own one. I think it would be so much fun to carry to all the Farmers Market that start next week.

Aren’t the colors wonderful? Love that lime green one.

Great for storage also

I did not buy pregnant onions – but aren’t they interesting?

Look at all the different mints…………..makes me want to make a mojito!!

We have had a very stormy weekend here in Oklahoma.  Tornados in many areas of our state.  But during the day it was perfect weather other than the wind. Our storm arrived about 6 am with lots of lighting, thunder and pouring rain. Thunder freaks our dogs out and  they jump in our bed and shake. Big babies!! But now I must wait for the ground to dry out a bit before I put my new plants in the ground!! Can’t wait to see their grand production of flowers this summer!

Thanks for visiting. Hope you all are having a great weekend.


Demo & Dust on Delaware – Escaping the Noise!

I had to get out of our house today. I needed to escape the noise pollution. Those power tools used during a remodel can get loud! I am not complaining but I will blame it on our dog Bella. She is not used to this noise. I am not used to it either but I do know it is part of the process. Our walk was worth it because our neighborhood is in bloom and the spring blossoms do not last long.

Here are our azaleas in the front of our dining room


Can not believe that this butterfly came to visit when I was taking these pictures. How beautiful it is with all the colors of blue


This is our wooden bunny that we made years ago – that stands under our dogwood

The urn on our front porch with cabbage and periwinkle pansies

The view to our front porch – hot pink azaleas, May Night Salvia and yellow pansies

Our pink dogwood – not as full as I would like. I think it gets to much sun.


This is a lilac tree I bought and planted over the weekend. The color and the smell is devine!

This is a plant called Black Minor Weigela that I snagged at Lowes last fall in the clearance section

More hot pink azaleas down the street

Even the iris are blooming

This purple color is eye catching by the pond – too bad this flower does not last long

This is actually an iris from our home in Texas – wish we had of brought some of these with us.

Love the magenta color with a yellow center!!! Had to share this beauty

These iris are across the street from us……..love the soft lilac color

more to come

Stark white azaleas look wonderful against the winter rye grass

Lilac azaleas

Hot pink – white – hot pink – white and so forth. Very striking!!

This is one of my favorite houses in our neighborhood. It is a bit like a Leave it to Beaver house.

But I love the contrast of the white painted brick and the hot pink azaleas

I think this is a honeysuckle variety vine – it covers their mailbox. Pink with yellow tips that blooms practically until fall.

Ahhhh – I feel better! Back to our noisy home!!

Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers! Picking the Perfect Plants for Pots

The nurseries here in Oklahoma are filling up by the day. I am so excited! I can spend hours visiting nurseries and picking out the perfect plants to plant. Or I can just go to a nursery and buy nothing. Something about plant nurseries just turn me on! I especially love the impact that pots make to the overall visual interest of landscapes.

Have you heard of the expression “Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers“? It is the way to plant  pots that produce the “wow” factor.  The “thriller” is your tallest plant in the pot, the “filler” is the plant is what takes up the horizontal movement of the pot and the “spiller” is self explanatory……….it falls over the edge of the  pot. Using the method is very pleasing to the eye!!

The pampas grass is the “thriller”, the coleus is the “filler” and the sweet potato vine is the “spiller”. This would be an easy pot to duplicate. Also, what is pleasing to the arrangement is the color choices as they all are in contrast with each other which makes more of an impact.

Oh!! I love this arrangement. Petunias, sweet potato vine and money wort.  That urn is not bad either!!

 I love to see caladiums anywhere – especially in this urn they are special with the angel wing begonias.



This is a beautiful urn with pampas grass, purple lantana, and sweet potato vine with its lime green contrasting color.


 Source: Pinterest

 Source: Houzz

 Source: Houzz

Source: Houzz

Oh me! How I love Angel Trumpets. If you have never had one, you need to! We had some in Houston that were in the ground and they became enomrous! The come in white, pale pink and yellow. As the name implies the flower is a long trumpet. I have not had one in my yard for 2 years now – think I will get one for here in Tulsa and put it in a pot because sadly it will not winter here.

 Yellows and purples are great for landscaping. Anything opposite on the color wheel has a big impact in the garden


 source: Provenwinner.com

 source: Proven Winner

I hope these photos have got you excited.  Your pampas grass and cannas look to be great thrillers. The petunias, coleus and impatients your fillers. While either your money wort or sweet potato vine your spiller. Sweet potato vine can be pinched off and can be easily rooted in water. Also, one thing to consider when buying your plants for container they need to have similar water needs.

Pinks and Purples in the Spring Landscape

I am in awe on my morning walks while I am blessed to take in the colors of the season. The yellows have been so cheerful and now they have the company with  beautiful shades of purple and pinks. The blooms that I see are spectacular and I do not take one single blossom for granted.  I see each blossom as a gift from  God to show me how much he loves me,  to give me such beauty to enjoy as I take my morning walk! Spring is so spectacular in that God makes it bloom when there is no competition in the landscape is incredibly awesome.

This is a Redbud which is Oklahoma’s state tree. This tree is in the yard across the street from our home.

Why  it is called “Red” bud I am not sure because it is more of a lavender/pink/purple combo.

Here is another Redbud with Yellow Jasmine

The colors of the Redbud and the Yellow Jasmine are opposite on the color wheel

which makes even more of an impact on the spring landscape

This is a Patio Peach that I bought and planted this last weekend-

it will not get very big but oh my goodness those blossoms are spectacular!

I have called this tree a “tulip tree” forever but it’s real name is Saucer Magnolia.

At this time of year it is nothing but blossoms. No leaves! Just show stopping blossoms.

It’s branches are gray to allow the star of the show to be on display.

Even the sky today was beautiful!!

Look close at how the bloom starts……..deep purple and then as it opens it turns into a velvety pink.

Isn’t Mother Nature simply incredible??

I have no earthly idea what this tree is. All I know is that it’s color is  luscious!!

Oh how I wish I could view this color 365 days a year!

But then, would I take it all for granted?

Again – not a clue what these are. They look like bulbs to me. Just a small cluster that demands attention.

But I love the strong purple color against the abyss of beige and winter’s leaves tangled up among it’s stems.

I hope that where ever you may live you are enjoying the colors of the season.

Yellow – The Color of the Season in Landscaping

I love the pops of yellow this time of year. Yellow is such a noticeable contrast this time of year because of the contrast of the bright yellow against the winter straw colored lawns and trees that have not leafed out yet. I love yellow – I especially love how it is boldly stealing the show in our landscape.

Check out this group of Forsythia that is a couple of blocks from our home – I have no idea how many plants there are total but OH MY – it certainly is a awesome display of color this time of year


Yellow Jasmine




Yellow Pansies after the rain fall


Also blooming now in Oklahoma are Bradford Pears – and our state tree the Redbud is starting to show off its delicious plum color. I will share that with you all tomorrow.