The Finishing Touches of our Remodel

For the most part,  phase one of our remodel is complete. Almost. At least we are no longer sequestered to our bedroom . Now the focus is in the finishing touches. You know what I’m talking about. It’s the stuff that we seem to notice.  The detail stuff. So, I am going to put myself out there and show you what still needs to be done in hope that it will spur me along to stay focused and get it finished . Oh –  and maybe winning the mega million might help out as well.

For starters, our living room. Here is what it looked like before. It is even hard for me to remember that it looked like this this time last year.


and now………..


1. Shocking as it may be…….that fireplace is cast stone that the previous owners painted white and then sealed it. Gasp! When we bought the house I thought the fireplace was kinda cool looking especially with that little copper do-dad. Now, well not so much. I want a mantle pretty bad now. It would be a very big deal to redo the fireplace as it is total concrete. Just don’t think I have it in me right now. So in the meantime I want to muddle together some glazes and attempt to return it to those same colors of cast stone. If any of you have done a faux stone treatment on your fireplace I would love to hear how you did it.  I have stripped the finish from the copper and want it to patina. As of right now I am not brave enough to help it along.

2. Want to add LED lights in those glass cabinets in the kitchen.

3. Finish hanging the rest of our plates. I am happy to report that after my husband and I hung these plates  we are still on speaking terms. He was very patient hearing me say, “move it a tad to the left, no that’s too much, ok now just about an 1/8″ up” .

4. Our cabinet guy is painting our shutters the same color of our kitchen cabinets. Hmmm, he told me he would have them here before Christmas??? Obviously you can see that did not happen.

Our dining room – this used to be a solid wall and the dining room was orange when we bought the house. Although I like orange – just not in my house.



1. We need window treatments in here pretty darn bad!!!

2. And a rug would be nice.

3. New Chandelier

Also crown moulding, of course.

You can see how bright and sunny it is in the morning.


Now the kitchen and butlers pantry


1. Need window treatment over the sink – but just can’t decide what I want.

Decisions! Decisions!

1. I would like to add LED lights inside the glass front cabinets as well as under.


The family room – here is a before


And here is the after. It is hard to imagine it is the same room.


1. Add crown moulding

2. Window treatment – gets pretty sunny in this room.

3. I want some air vents with a tad more style. These are ugly!! But for now I am trying to keep my focus on eye level.

Oh! I also want to do some beams in this room also and add  lantern style lighting.

Oh – also the bookshelves are not quite to my liking. But that will be a separate post.

And the sofa needs to be re-upholstered.

I guess a house never gets finished, does it?? No sooner do we make a list and complete it than we see something else we want to do. It is a vicious circle.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

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Slow Progress is Better Than No Progress

I feel I am living in slow motion with this remodel. Seriously! I feel that things were really clipping along and then BAM!! All the final details seem to be taking forever!

SO, here is the window that was delivered for over the sink. Hmmmm – notice anything not quite right??? I obsessed in this remodel on everything being balanced and in symmetry. I made it into a big deal! Literally! So, why would I order a casement window over the sink that was not centered with the sink? I didn’t!  So they went ahead and installed it and ordered the correct window – to be rushed of course.

Here is the correct window!

The panels have now been placed on the fridge and dishwasher – plus the hardware was installed!!

We have a faucet, which means running water. That is always a plus. We even have a disposal now!

Our backsplash was put in this week!! I love my beveled subway tile. Plus our electrician put in the LED under the cabinet lights. Now my trim guy needs to come back and finish out the window. Oh – that will take forever because I am sure he is on another job.


Front door has had one coat of tung oil on it. Waiting to see how much is absorbed.

Even more fun and games is putting everything back in it’s place! But first you have to wash and dust most of it! Takes for-freakin-ever!!! Never in my life have seen the dust that we have here!!

Then in the middle of all of this the dang AC unit upstairs pan overflowed!!!! Just lovely. Now our freshly painted ceiling in our family room has a monster patch on it. Just when I thought I was finished with drywall dust! We are just thankful that we were home when it happened! Now, the pan has a sensor in it that will turn the unit off when water gets in it. Pretty genius! Wonder why it did not have that already as it is only about 3 years old???

My to-do list is so, so very long!!! I just want to snap my fingers and it be done! I love instant gratification……………….don’t you?

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Catch ya later gator!!


A Week When NOTHING Went Right!!!!

Have you ever been so close to finishing things but you still feel so far away? That is how I how felt the last week. I had every day planned and scheduled. Or, so I thought. Silly me!!

Friday: Deliver Appliances Nope! That did not happen!! I had plumbing and electrical that needed to be moved. Had to reschedule. How depressing!!

Monday: Our carpenter Mike was to come to start installing trim and baseboards. Nope! That did not happen either as he was still on another job. 

Tuesday:  Our painter Kevin was coming to finish up the painting. Nope – that did not happen either!! He also was hung up on another job. I am really feeling screwed here.

Wednesday:  Tile guy Lance to come and start laying tile in our laundry room and small bathroom.  Yep! He came and laid the plywood with hardy backer. Not all good news tho because tile delivery was delayed a day. If you do not keep these guys busy everyday they leave you to go work other places. He promises me (Yes, I make them look me in the eye and promise) he will be back today.

Thursday: Re-delivery of appliances. Yep- that did happen.  Did it go without a hitch???? Of course not………….need to drop a 220 for our Wolf range. I am so not happy with my electrician who happens to be on vacation this week. 

Friday: Movers to come to put our furniture back in place. Yeah – that won’t happen because of all the above delays. Oh well!  Whatcha goin do?? It is not the end of the world. 



Demo & Way Too Much Dust on Delaware – Making Progress!!

The first 4-5 weeks of our remodel we saw drastic things happening daily in our home. Now they are not so drastic but subtle. I feel things are going in slow motion. But things are happening in that the painter is painting – our kitchen cabinets, butlers pantry, laundry room and family room book shelfs are being built – the parquet floor has been removed waiting the new wood floor,  and the brick behind our Wolf Range has been aged, our pocket french door arrived and is installed and our front door was delivered yesterday!!! Finally!!

No more orange paint!! Kevin our painter is having to apply 2-3 coats of primer to cover the color.

Parquet floor before we started removing it

Hmmmm – maybe 60% of it has been taken up. Some of them pop up and some of them refuse to be budged! I am the “sweeper upper girl”.

Even our son who came for Mother’s Day weekend helped.

It took about 8 hours to take this floor up!! Here are the last few pieces.

The pocket french door has been installed. It will have a dark stain applied. That is the laundry room behind the door. The glass still has a protective film on it.

I was so excited to have the new knotty alder front door was delivered yesterday. Now we just need to get it installed.  For now it is just hanging out in the dining room.

I will show you tomorrow how our mason aged the brick over our new range.

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Demo & Dust on Delaware – Days Eleven & Twelve

Yesterday the opening between our living room and dining room was finished. Although I was super apprehensive about the results I am most happy. Whew!!! My husband thinks I am  obsessing about things – he could be partially right. But not totally. You can not see it in the photo but there is a pencil line to outline the opening and the arch. I was just afraid it would not look right in relationship with the other arches that were much higher. So here goes………….the man and his best friend – the power tool!


TA -DAH!! I love it!

From the dining room looking into the living room. Now we have so much light – very open. Our dogs even approve!

Can not wait to get rid of the orange paint!

Another big event yesterday was that we also had our new windows delivered and installed. I love them!   This is the outdated ugliness that we replaced.  Storm windows were at one time thought to be very effecient! Wow – things have changed!!

Check out that nasty caulk!!

I did all casement windows except this one guest bedroom because it faces the side yard and no one sees it. It also has a bamboo shade on the window and you can’t see or appreciate the window when you’re in the room. Hey – I saved a bit of money!!


I really made getting new windows and big deal and ended up getting five estimates. Crazy! I did suffer from sticker shock with the first bid from Pella. I wanted them to be super efficient but I also wanted them to look like wood windows. I was stalking everyone’s windows everywhere I went.  I finally selected the Jeld-Wen Premium Vinyl window with the  “simulated divided lites” that look like wood. They actually were the most favorable bid.

Are they not just the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen??

But unfortunately we had a big “OH NO” moment.  I could tell when they were taking this custom made window off the truck it did not look right…………..the arch was off by 12 inches……..and they had measured it 4 times.

This is where the window “would of” gone …………….I am so bummed. But not as bummed as the window company. I actually felt sorry for them. They were most apologic!! Hopefully we will not have to wait another three weeks.

I think good looking windows make a huge difference to the appearance of a home. I don’t think I fully realized this until I went shopping for windows and then you really start noticing them. Now I have become a critic of all windows. Shame on me but while I’m out and about driving a little voice in my head is saying, ” Ahhh, those are some gorgeous windows” – or  “oh dear, those are some ugly windows you have there” – I know……….shame on me!!!

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See ya later


Demo & Dust on Delaware – Day Nine

Can things get any messier? Yes, they can!! Today was a day of destruction! I secretly think men enjoy busting out walls. I thought I was prepared for the dust. There is an incredible amount of dust. Just look at this pile of concrete on my kitchen floor! Ick!

Here is a before our kitchen stove and oven. Typical for a home built in 1966. Someone before us put a lacquer on the brick – wish they hadn’t because it would of been prettier without it.

Moulding and first roll of bricks removed.

Brick is gone.

 It was shocking to find out that although there was an exhaust fan –  there was not a vent. Everything just floated up to the attic. Someone was cheap and lazy, weren’t they?

You can see in this picture that the brick looks better left alone! I am still going to leave this portion of the brick. We are going to apply some muratic acid to get that finish off and then see how it looks. I think my Wolf range will look awesome with that brick – plus I want to leave it because it is original to the home.

Love that wheelbarrow in my living room. Look at the dust on the floor. I actually mopped the floor after the guys left today.

Just couldn’t stand it any longer.


That’s the damage that took place today! Thanks for visiting my blog – I would love to hear your comments.

Demo & Dust on Delaware – Day Three, Four and Five

Well unfortunately on Day 3 there was a bit of a hiccup!! I woke up to a voicemail from my contractor saying he had left my house the day before and gone to the ER because he was having chest pains.  The hospital admitted him to do more tests and he said they had found nothing wrong and he was getting out in a couple of hours and should be at my house with his workers in about 3 hours. That did not happen! No phone call or text. Nothing! Zip!  I will say there was some extreme emotions running through my sweet little brain. My thoughts ran from , “did he have a heart attack after he talked to me and is dead” to “that so and so is blowing me off”. Actually I was also feeling a little guilty because I had got a little cranky over some things on day 2 and was afraid that I had given him a heart attack.

So low and behold they all showed up this morning on day four like nothing had happened. Whoa there partner!!! That does not work for me! I am grateful he did not have a heart attack but communication is needed. After our little “come to Jesus” meeting all is back on schedule – and to stay I hope.

Today they built the wall for the stairs to the loft and in front of that will be a large set of book shelves that will also hold our flat panel television.

Day Five – dry wall placed and stair completed.

We even get the bonus of having a “hidey hole” under the stairs.

Demo on Delaware – Day One & Two

Finally! We have started our remodel on our home!!  We bought this “stuck in the 70’s” house two years ago and knew from the beginning it was a fixer upper. It was a home that had great bones but needed some good design and function added to bring it in  to the modern day.  It is amazing what they can do in two days. In two days they certainly can create a huge messc for sure!!

The remodel is starting in the family room part of the house. Here are some before pics. Yes, there is a Swedish style fireplace kinda in the middle of the room. There is also an exposed loft. The flow of this room was impossible to arrange furniture.


Here is from the loft looking down. The loft is huge – the size of a three car garage. It will be a great hobby, office and TV room.


Good Bye fireplace.  You were cool but you were not meant to be in the middle of the room.

Even looks better with that green carpet gone! Now all nice and open!!

We have needed rain forever – of course it has been a steady rain from the start of construction.

Lots and lots of dust.

Day Two – the wall for the upstairs loft is started.

I needed something that I had stored up in the loft and went to get it only to realize there are no stairs. Duh!!

Tomorrow I will go to Lowe’s with the guys to buy more materials. That should be interesting.