Shhhhh! We Have Skeletons in our Closets

Well – we really don’t have skeletons in our closets. Or maybe I could be in denial. And not really “skeletons”  as in more than one skeleton – just one skeleton. This particular skeleton has been part of our family for almost 30 years. We are quite fond of him as he is of us.

He really likes to be part of our family and join us when we’re chillin in the evening. He has very good manners, never interrupts, keeps his hands to himself and his hands in his lap. The perfect guest!!

 He also  likes to hang out on the front porch to show off our pumpkins.

And sometime he really gets out of control…………….striking his sexy pose!!

Guys gone wild!

I still have the pattern for this guy. Thought that one day I would be making one for a grandchild – still waiting on that occasion.  For now I am still having fun with this guy!!

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Happy Halloween to all!!


Halloween decor that makes me smile!


Seriously! There are some very creative people out there! I am amazed at others talents.

How cute is this? I would duplicate this in a heartbeat but then ugh! ya have to store it!

If you want to make this go to

Here is another adaption of the same idea and still stinkin cute!

Here is our front porch – some real pumpkins and some fake ones. After looking at other front porches ours looks kinda sad!

Do you think they really have a orange front door – or just painted it for the occasion?

And everyones favorite from Pottery Barn last year – still lovin it!

This front porch is over the top and wonderful! I love it!

This is also a lovely fall front porch.

And don’t forget to add  your house number!!

Source: via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

Elegant Fall! has some of the best “drool worthy” outdoor assessories.

Topiaries with lights are great on a front porch


This window box is too darn cute!!

Gilded pumpkins – beautiful!

I love these black and white pumpkins

Pumpkin Bling




Monogramed Pumpkins

Argyle Pumpkins




Lace Pumpkins

Mummy Pumpkin – actually this would be easy to make. Think I already have the supplies in my first aid kit

Velvet Pumpkins – so gorgeous!
velvet Pumpkins
PW Big Ranch Set
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Happy Fall!