Giving Recycled Doors Patina

I found these doors at an estate sale for $5.00 each. I am a big spender. They must of come from a house of boys because they were very  beat up. That was ok with me because I had a plan.

Take the door knobs off, place wood putty where the hinges were and sand them down to make them smooth.

At this stage they look very pathetic!

Very beat up!!

 I painted the with Benjamin Moore Aspiration.  It is a color they do not make but when you tell them you want this color they have the formula in their computer.


Now sand the doors down with 220 grit sand paper.

The next step is now to paint over the BM Aspiration with BM Ivory Tusk. I went into ACE Hardware to buy a quart and was told by the paint guy that Clark + Kensingston was a new brand they were stocking and were giving away a quart free! He just matched up the Ivory Tusk from BM. It was weird when I walked out of ACE not paying anything because that has never happened to me. It kinda makes you feel like you are stealing.

Once I had painted it on and it had dried and sanded it down enough for the blue to show through.

It was hard to find stencils small enough to fit on the panels.

I was not patient enough to order some online plus I did look and did not find what I wanted. I found these at Hobby Lobby.

 Once I stenciled them on, I let them dry and again sanded them down.

The main negative to the stencils I used was that they were just one layer so I took the same stencil and dry brushed a darker brown on to highlight it. Then sanded that color off also to give it more transparency. I also used gold metallic paint and dry brushed it around the panel and of course sanded it down also.

I sanded the doors with an electric sander and sanded them down to the stained finish.

Think of the areas where patina would naturally happen

Now it is time to apply glaze. This is a glaze I use a lot. I apply mine with a yucky old brush, then take a cloth

and take off the amount I want. I rub it off until the cloth almost starts dragging.

The door on the left has not had glaze put on it – the door on the right has but it has not been taken off.

 Here is a close up

 and another close up of the detail

 Now both of the doors have the glaze applied

We added picture hanging wire to the back of the doors in order to hang them on the wall


My idea was to use the colors in the pillows I have on our guest bed. I love this fabric. Actually the pillows were on our sofa in our living room in our home in Houston.


I wanted to place these doors on either side of the window in this guest room


We are finally starting our remodel project this next week. I hope!! We have spent the weekend moving furniture around to make room for the contractors.  I will be blogging about this remodel as a way to chronicle the adventure – and adventure I am sure it will be!! I know it will be worth it.

DIY – Bead Board Doors

Our home is a fixer upper! And we are taking one project at a time. We have these double doors on the outside of our home off our deck and they were “de-laminating”. Not sure I have ever said the word “de-laminating” before……..much less typed it. De-laminating or not they were basically ugly! I knew the look I wanted for these doors but geez they were a bit  pricey. Especially when you buy two of them. I wanted it to look like there was a wine cellar behind these doors. My own fantasy wine cellar!!

Here is what a “de-laminating” door looks like. See those lines?? Yuckers!! And aren’t the door knobs lovely??? They were pitted and crusty. These doors have zero character! They were just so “blah”!

Actually our furnace and hot water tank are behind those doors. Very common in our neck of the woods.

So here’s the plan………..apply bead board on top of the existing doors.

Using our trusty level we applied lots of liquid nail plus small trim nails. We wanted to make sure that no water could get behind the beadboard we were applying.

With the addition of every board the level was used again and again and again!


We continued across with the bead board. We also took off those nasty door knobs. Then we applied several coats of our house paint. It already looks better and there isn’t even hardware yet!

Now the good part……..the hardware.

I searched high and low for “dummy hinges” as they’re called.  I needed 6 total – 3 for each side.  I finally found a great web site whose prices were fair and not crazy expensive. Plus they mailed them to me super fast.

source: Wild West Hardware. com

Decorative Dummy Hinge
Decorative Strap Hinges
Unique Aged Pitted look
Cast Iron (approx. 1/4″ thick)
14″ long x 3 3/4″ at widest point
Black Powder Coat Finish
Complete with mounting screws

$18.95 ea.

I was pretty pumped because the ones I was finding were any where from 70-80 buckeroos!! Too much for me!!

I did want to age these a bit………. took some of our house paint and watered it down and painted it on and then wiped it off.

These handles I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I did the same thing to them. They were rust colored and not the look I wanted.







Looks better, huh!!!  Don’t you think it looks like there could be a wine cellar behind these doors??

One project we can cross off our list!!

“Things I Love” Week – Upholstered Headboards

We are seeing them everywhere – upholstered headboards.  What I like about them is that each headboard has it’s own personality.

When my husband and I switched from queen to king, we upholstered our headboard in ivory linen. But before we did our bed I looked at  a gazillion photos.  There are so many beautiful upholstered headboards in my opinion.  When I was trying to decide which style I wanted I collected a file of all of the headboards I loved.

I have always like the simple white headboard from Brooke Giannetti’s blog Velvet & Linen.




I really, really love these twin beds!


Now how wonderful is this headboard with a single letter monogram – love it!!

Love this tufted headboard – but knew I could not make that one on my own. Oh – I could of I guess. But it would of looked like crap!

Tufted with nail heads – what is not to love??

massucco wanner miller interior design

You can always order from The Pottery Barn if you are not into DIY!!

Another one from Pottery Barn – they have many, many more to choose from.


Of course I love this bed – nice and crisp with monogrammed pillows.




Not sure if I could live with the apple green walls in this room but I do like the shape of the headboard.

The animal print headboard is wonderful but also bedding

This floral headboard makes such a statement especially paired with the colorful curtains. Oh – do not miss the monogrammed lampshades. Oh – those are just too darn cute!

I love this room that Pheobe Howard did.

Well – they did not ask my opinion, but I personally would not care for that yellow shaggy pillow on the bed.

I so love this bed. I love the entire room! Every single detail!



Another room I love not just the headboard – check out that lantern

Here is the shape that I decided on……………very simple.

I looked around the web for tutorials about how to make your own headboard and there are many to choose from. It really was not hard to make.

Your supplies are:

Wood, foam, batting, staple gun and staples, fabric of your choice.

Here is the headboard we made for our master.  I really think it would look better if  I either tufted it or placed nail heads. I may just continue to think about it and probably never get around to it.


Gift giving at Christmas Time

It has been a  long time tradition that I make cinnamon rolls as gifts for friends & neighbors. We deliver them on Christmas eve and label them “Christmas morning cinnamon rolls”. Since we have moved to Oklahoma over 18 months ago our new friends and neighbors don’t know about the cinnamon roll thing and I wasn’t going to tell them. Whew – as yummy as they were they were also lots of work!!! Now the new tradition is Homemade Baileys Irish Cream!! Easy and oh so delish!! Lots of calories but who cares??

Homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream

(Make this recipe in your blender)

3 eggs – blend for 15 seconds

1 pint whipping cream

1/2 t coconut extract

3T Heresey’s Chocolate Syrup

1 can Eagle Brand Milk

1 1/2 cup Scotch ( 1 liter will make 3 times this recipe)

Blend all together

I get my bottles at Hob Lob when they are 50% off –  or if you are really have your act together you can save your pretty bottles during the year and use them.


Pour your homemade Bailey’s into bottles and decorate!! Easy!! Here is the clear bottle.


Here is the green one. I got the little ornaments at Dollar Tree for a $1 each.




And here is the red one – there are so many wonderful ribbon combinations that spiff things up!!




When delivering Christmas goodies, we can not forget our friends and neighbors who have fur children….i.e. “doggies”.  I saw a recipe in our Sunday paper for homemade dog treats and just cut them out with a Christmas tree cookie cutter! I know ……..kinda over the top isn’t it!!

 Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats

2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour

2 eggs

1/2 cup canned pumpkin

2 T peanut butter – I used a tad more

1/2 t. salt

1/2 t. cinnamon

1/2 cup water

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2.  Whisk together the flour, pumpkin, peanut butter, eggs,  salt and cinnamon. Add  water as needed to make dough workable, but the dough should be workable and not too wet. The dough should be a dry and stiff. Roll our and cut into desired shapes

3. Bake in preheated oven for about 40 minutes until hard.



Put em in little clear bags with ribbons.



Merry Christmas from Sedona & Bella (who are not so thrilled about having their photo taken)


It’s Christmas Eve………..wasn’t it yesterday that we were discussing Halloween decor. Time flies! I hope that all of you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends!!



Spiffing up a Tired Little Tree

Here is a little tree I did this week for our family room.  This was my mother-in-laws when she was in the nursing home. It is a sad little tree if left to stand alone so my challenge was to bring new life to it! It just needed to get all spiffed up for Christmas! Here is the cast of characters. The tree……………which already looks better put in this concrete container.     And some baubles and greenery to spiff the tree up.     Start adding some evergreen branches to make the tree look fuller Now add some great looking festive ribbon from Michaels Here are some ornaments that I found at Wal-Mart on the cheap And some red feather flower picks from Hob Lob Now add some  ornaments – I take the top holder off and smoosh it in the tree branch inside the ornament       Now start adding your favorite ornaments………     Keep filling your tree up just like those trees we see in stores at Christmas time – you know the ones with all those ornaments packed in on the tree. I love those trees!!   I always love how a  Christmas trees glows with all the lights out   I hope you are having fun decorating your home for Christmas. Thanks for stopping by.

Christmas Interrupted to Paint the Front Door

We have lived in this house for about 18 months now and I have even shocked myself that I have lived with orange front door. Yes, I said orange -gasp. There is not one color for Christmas that goes well with orange – well, I guess silver and orange looks great.  SO, at 3:30 pm on Wednesday I got a wild hair and painted the front doors!!  Even the wallpaper is orange and the dining room is also!

I was in the mood to paint right then – not later! So I headed to our collection of paint and found the sample can of paint that we will paint the exterior with.

They are double doors with storm doors ………… not a fan of storm doors. Both the doors and the storm doors will go away when we get a new single front door.

Then I mixed up some mocha color glaze with some of my paint I had on hand. I knew that door was getting a paint job – but after that I really wasn’t sure what would happen after the first coat of paint!

Now I need to soften the brush strokes with steel wool.

It now looks like weathered wood but I think it need a very thin black glaze on it.

Now I can put up wreaths on our front doors – the orange is gone!!!!






One thing leads to another!

In trying to get my guest rooms all spiffed up, I decided maybe I should paint the closet also. I thought “oh! it’s just a closet , not that big, it won’t take me that long” etc, etc. Of course you’ve got to take the stuff out, then paint it, then clean up the paint mess , then put everything back!  Once I had everything back in I ran across a painted wallpaper tutorial on that darling Emily’s blog.  When I saw her tutorial I thought “hmmm, that is pretty cool, where could I do that?” I tried to talk myself out of it – but my mind just would not let go of how cool the closet would be!

Just getting started! Oh dear me – this is a bigger project than I thought it would be.

Making progress! Seriously………………what was I thinking? Although I do like how it looks, I still have about 90% more of those little do-dahs to paint.

Ok – I must be a glutton for punishment. But no turning back now!!

Ta-Dah!!!!  I know that that blues in these 2 photos don’t actually match but the bottom picture represents the color best which is Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams. Comfort Gary actually looks like a green on the paint chip – and blue on the walls!

Guest Bedrooms – hanging the new chandelier

As I mentioned in my last post about one of our guest bedrooms, one of the last things to do was hang the chandelier I had ordered.  My sweet husband did hang it for me ( for us ) but it had to be done on his schedule. I like everything done “yesterday” and he likes to do it when the time is right. After being married 35 years there are some things ( not all things) that I have learned to just wait! It’s hard – don’t get me wrong! But, ahhhhhhh, our men are so proud of themselves when they do stuff for us, so it is better not to be cranky with them wanting it done yesterday. Hope you ladies out there are faster learners than I have been.  OK – back to the chandelier!

This is what was in the box. I got it from Overstock and it said “some assembly required”. I am surprised it did not require me to do some soldering also.

That is the box on the left that all that stuff come in!! You can imagine what I was thinking. But, it only took me about 30 minutes to put it together – even with instructions that were almost comical!! You could tell the instructions had been copied over and over! Not even printed professionally.



The fan had to come down! With our four poster bed it did not allow the fan to operate and that was just fine with me! I do love to sleep under fans but this particular fan lacked in the quality department. It was just plain ugly!


Just waiting……………..

Ta Dah! Oh my goodness – it works! That was a relief!

And at night time.  Plus I needed to put a cord cover on the chain since we had to swag it over to center it over the bed. I found the neatest cord covers that have zippers in them. Very slick!


Although it does not look like it in this photo – the chandelier is centered with the mirror which makes a lovely reflection.



I will probably end up getting another chandelier. This one looks nice enough but to me it looks cheap. Although I did save quite a bit of money I feel if I had spent what I wanted to it would be more of a show piece. But for now……….the ugly fan is down and sparkly lights are up. Anything would of been a huge improvement! As they say……….”You get what you pay for” ….ain’t it the truth!!


Guest Room Lamps

I am doing several posts regarding guest rooms.  This one has to do with the lamps I used in one of my guest rooms.  If you remember from my last post these are the lamps.



I actually found these lamps sitting on a driveway at a garage sale. They cost me a total of $5.00!  Hey – what could I lose?? Do  they not just take your breath away they’re so gorgeous??



I told the gentleman I really didn’t want the shades – and he was a bit shocked! So I left with the shades because I did not want to hurt his feelings. I did rack my brain about how I could get all creative with them  and could not come up with anything earth shattering – so they ended up in the trash.

I  went to my little paint container and took out whites, cream and gray paints. I would paint one layer and rub it off – then do it with the next color.


Keep adding paint and rubbing it off.



This was my desired look. Paint is so forgiving – if you are not liking an application you can always add another coat.





I used some shades I had on other lamps that won’t be used in this house and added a tassel that I had also. Total cost for these lamps was $5.00 – well plus the paint I already had on hand.

I hope you like these lamps and will be on the outlook for some that you can just spiff up!!

Guest Bedrooms

When you move into a new home you just can’t go out and buy all new furnishings – or at least I can’t.  Actually it would be silly to do that. Here is how I took what I had and made it work in our new home.

We moved from Texas back to our home state Oklahoma last year. I guess it was time to move because I had totally redone the entire house in Texas. Please, dear reader, do not assume that because the house was redone that it was finished.  If I live in a house it will never be totally finished.  I am quite capable of always seeing something else that needs to be  spiffed up!! Otherwise I feel life would be boring!  It’s just how my brain works. I know there are other people like me – and you know who you are!!

Ok – let me get back on the subject as to why my post is about guest bedrooms. My plan when we moved was that our queen bed would go into the quest room – and we would get a king size bed.  My husband did not understand why I would want anything bigger than a queen. Well, “because you snore” is one reason. So, after 35 years of marriage he comes home to a king size bed. Sometimes it is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

Here is the master bedroom before in Texas. Now most of what is in the photo has been moved to our guest rooms in our new house. Oopsie – I fibbed……….those lamps are still in our master now! Actually those lamps were my mothers 40 years ago – they were a lovely gold back then! They are your basic column lamps that really has never gone out of style – but oh-dear-me you should of seen the shades on them back then. They were a gold drum shade that – and I am not joking- as tall as the lamp itself! Those shades will never come back in style. Or I doubt they will.



I know – that bed looks like a double doesn’t it. I can assure you it is a queen size. Maybe it is the angle of the camera when the picture was taken.

Here is the same bed in one of our guest rooms.  The room when we bought the house was a bright yellow and the window treatments were mini blinds with a valance. Ugh!



I used the same bedding we had in our master but used the pillows off of our living room sofa we had in Texas.  I got the velvet drapes from Pottery Barn which is where the velvet duvet came from also. The bamboo blinds from Home Depot.

Here is a photo of the pillows below on the sofa in our old home.


Even the sconces from the living room are now in guest room. I can not remember where I got them but I know I dry brushed gold on them.

Even the night stands were in our sons room. I am on the hunt for new night stands because these are in serious need of repair. I have several ideas to refinish them much, much darker – I just need to get in the mood! That may be my first fall project if it ever cools off around here. I picked up the lamps at a garage sale for 5 bucks and refinished them and used the shades from lamps I am not using.



This dresser used to be in the master – the lamps were in our old guest room and the plates had bee stuck in a drawer. I always liked those plates and now they have a home! The bowl in the center is a treasure to me……my  Aunt Pearls. It is as lovely as she was.



I have one more thing that is needed in this guest room…………and that is to get rid of that hideous fan. We can not even use the fan because it hits one of the posters on the bed. I ordered a chandelier from Overstock and it did say assembly was required but I never imagined this much!!!!


Hopefully, with my fingers crossed my husband will put up the chandelier. But I doubt it because he is a big believer in hiring someone who is supporting their family. I see his point but I just trying to say some money!