In Search for the Perfect Light Fixture for a Master Bedroom

I always thought I was a “chandelier” kind of girl -but now that I am looking for a new lighting in our master I’m discovering I really like  all the fabulous pendant/drum lighting. Currently we have a very, extremely unattractive ceiling fan and  although we sleep every night with the fan on – I just can’t stand it’s “ugliness” when there are so many lighting options that really arouse my senses!!

Another reason I am looking closer to pendant light option is because we only have 8-foot ceilings. There are some guidelines to follow to find the perfect balance when you are picking out a light fixture.

• Measure the length and width of your room. Ours measures 15 X 16 so you add these 2 numbers together to get the diameter of your lighting fixture, which would be 31 inches in diameter.

• To figure out how low to hang you fixture, you will take he height of your ceiling times 3 inches. Our ceiling is 8 “, so 8 X 3 = 24. Our fixture should hang no lower 24 inches from our 8-foot ceiling.

Here is a photo of our master bedroom – I am sure you see that lovely fan and now understand why I want it to go bye-bye!!


And here is the chandelier I really, really want – but  it just won’t work because although it is less than 30 inches in diameter it just hangs down to low. Oh well – you don’t always get what you want.

I think this one is also lovely, which is actually better than the one above because i could shorten it to hang with only 2 links.

I really like this pendant style – it is very glamorous! But it may be a bit contemporary

for me.

This one is pretty as well.

Source: Bellacor

Ok – I like this one but wish I could change the silver to more of a brushed antique bronze and a creme shade.

Source: LampsPlus

I love this pendant style light – if I end up not choosing it for the master I think I will put it in a guest room.

Here is one similar but darker – it is pretty as well.

Actually I did find some great looking fans – which if I end up going the fan route my husband will be a happy camper!

Plus you can add a light kit to the fan to dress it up and give it some style.


This one could be call a “fan-chandy” –

Well I’ve got some decisions to make!  I will be sure and take a photo of my decision to show all of you.

Thanks for stopping by!


Guest Bedrooms – hanging the new chandelier

As I mentioned in my last post about one of our guest bedrooms, one of the last things to do was hang the chandelier I had ordered.  My sweet husband did hang it for me ( for us ) but it had to be done on his schedule. I like everything done “yesterday” and he likes to do it when the time is right. After being married 35 years there are some things ( not all things) that I have learned to just wait! It’s hard – don’t get me wrong! But, ahhhhhhh, our men are so proud of themselves when they do stuff for us, so it is better not to be cranky with them wanting it done yesterday. Hope you ladies out there are faster learners than I have been.  OK – back to the chandelier!

This is what was in the box. I got it from Overstock and it said “some assembly required”. I am surprised it did not require me to do some soldering also.

That is the box on the left that all that stuff come in!! You can imagine what I was thinking. But, it only took me about 30 minutes to put it together – even with instructions that were almost comical!! You could tell the instructions had been copied over and over! Not even printed professionally.



The fan had to come down! With our four poster bed it did not allow the fan to operate and that was just fine with me! I do love to sleep under fans but this particular fan lacked in the quality department. It was just plain ugly!


Just waiting……………..

Ta Dah! Oh my goodness – it works! That was a relief!

And at night time.  Plus I needed to put a cord cover on the chain since we had to swag it over to center it over the bed. I found the neatest cord covers that have zippers in them. Very slick!


Although it does not look like it in this photo – the chandelier is centered with the mirror which makes a lovely reflection.



I will probably end up getting another chandelier. This one looks nice enough but to me it looks cheap. Although I did save quite a bit of money I feel if I had spent what I wanted to it would be more of a show piece. But for now……….the ugly fan is down and sparkly lights are up. Anything would of been a huge improvement! As they say……….”You get what you pay for” ….ain’t it the truth!!