Demo on Delaware – Appliance Installation in Progress

Merry Christmas to us!!! Finally! Finally! We got to a point where the appliances could be delivered. Now I could move beyond the visualization stage in my mind and see the real deal. I could not wait to get this baby off the truck. I have wanted a Wolf range for so long!

Getting closer to the front door! Come to me baby!

and of course our Bella has to supervise everyone!!

I have become accustomed to things not going smoothly for the last couple of weeks. So, of course, my electrician did not install a 220 for the Wolf but only a 110. And of course he is on vacation this week!! Dang it!! The burners work tho since they’re gas but  have to use a match. Not the end of the world!!

 Roy, our cabinet guy, has  totally has solved the problem with our farm sink I discussed in this post. He used Bondo!!! The cool thing about Bondo, which is used to repair cars, ends up being as hard as the wood but then sands like butter.

 Ahhhhhh…………….Bondo is da bomb!!

 But, I have a big issue with these farm sinks. I will need to do a post only on them as they are very challenging !

Another bit of progress is that the laundry and small bath is being tiled.  I picked a 4 X 8 tumbled travertine laid in a brick fashion. It’s going to be very cool!! The counter will be Ivory Gold granite although there is not that much gold in it.


 And the baseboards are about 75% finished! I choose a 5 1/2 inch base and painted it Ben Moore’s Edgecomb Gray in a pearl finish. Love that color.

All corners have been bull nosed in our remodel – and we found round pieces of base to fit on the bull nose.  I used a local company named H3 Custom Wood Mouldings.  It is like a candy store!

 Bullnose base corners from H3 Custom Wood Mouldings

 Hopefully our counter tops will be installed tomorrow or the next day!! So close !!  But still so much to do!

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