Online Fabric Stores

 Poor me! I live in a city that really does not have any good fabric stores. Well, actually we have two – but I never find any fabric that really wows me.  When I moved to Tulsa from Houston I literally had withdrawals!! I love to look at fabric even when I don’t need fabric. Hard to explain, just something that turns me on!

I snagged these Baker wing backs at an estate well over a year ago. If I still had a grandmother she would love the fabric. Me, not so much!! I bought them because I just liked their style even if I had to look past the “granny” fabric.



I have spent the last year looking for fabric and finally found what I wanted at FabricGuru -an online fabric store. And the price was right!  The problem is that  it does not have a front or back. So, just when I find the fabric I love – now I have to decide which side of the fabric I want.

Do I want this side???



Or do I want this side??????  This is stressing me out!!



I feel silly that I am making such a big deal out of it!! Kinda know which side speaks to me the most. Just hope when my upholstery guy shows up tomorrow I am confident in my decision!!



What’s your opinion??

Check back to see the big reveal!!  I also have another project I used an online fabric store that I need to share with you.


Oh! Hydrangeas…how I love thee!!

I never met a hydrangea I did not like. Hydrangeas amaze me . I love that they are bold and beautiful.  I am so happy that  in Tulsa, Oklahoma that we can grow them.  Every year I add a different variety to our garden.

Here are ours in the back yard just starting to start their performance.

It seems they can not decide which  color they want to be.


hydrangeas15And only 10 days later they still can’t make up their mind – same hydrangea plant as in the photo above. Now the pinks are turning lavender and then to blue.


My favorite is the blue and I love to cut them for indoor arrangements.

I love them in our kitchen



On our island



In our living room




On our dining room buffet



Greeting you in our foyer



or on a side table


Seriously! Are they not incredible?? Do you love them as much as I do?