Remodeling? Don’t Get Rid of Your Old Kitchen Cabinets!

When we did the demo in our kitchen recently, most of the old cabinets we put in our 3third car garage and made my husband a man cave. ¬†There was one section of cabinets that did not fit in the garage but we hated to get rid of it. It took up space and I wanted to get rid of it but my husband wouldn’t let me. ¬†Finally, I had an epiphany. We would make an island out of it!


It is hard to see in the photo but the old counter tops were butcher block. Nasty butcher block!! Just felt it was never clean and that it had a bad case of the cooties!!

So we (my husband) took the old cabinet and took off the skirt and added bun feet to it! And of course some paint plus some umber glaze.


Added an umber glaze


We took the butcher block top to our cabinet guy to have the edge of it routed. He also gave it a good sanding!! Then we stained the butcher block and sealed it.


We used Sher-wood wiping stain from Sherwin-Williams. They were incredibly nice in helping us with picking a stain color since this butcher block is maple and has way too much yellow in it. This is how nice they were……………they got the top out of our car, brought it in the store and mixed up several stains and applied them so we could see how the stain would look. I really had plans to pick up a stain and take it home. Slam Bam Thank ya ma’am!!! Thank goodness they went beyond the call of duty of customer service because I am now “oh so incredibly happy” and I am telling the world about it. No – they did not put me up to this! They have not a clue that I am bragging about their customer service.

Isn’t that a great looking color??


Here’s the label in case you are interested. Complete with my fingerprints!!!




Now I need more bar stools. These are the ones we had in Texas. I want four that swivel to be able to eat “and” watch TV!


I think we spent less than $100 on this island. Now I am happy that I did not get rid of that “useless” section of our old kitchen cabinets.

Thanks so much for visiting my little blog!!


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