A Week When NOTHING Went Right!!!!

Have you ever been so close to finishing things but you still feel so far away? That is how I how felt the last week. I had every day planned and scheduled. Or, so I thought. Silly me!!

Friday: Deliver Appliances Nope! That did not happen!! I had plumbing and electrical that needed to be moved. Had to reschedule. How depressing!!

Monday: Our carpenter Mike was to come to start installing trim and baseboards. Nope! That did not happen either as he was still on another job. 

Tuesday:  Our painter Kevin was coming to finish up the painting. Nope – that did not happen either!! He also was hung up on another job. I am really feeling screwed here.

Wednesday:  Tile guy Lance to come and start laying tile in our laundry room and small bathroom.  Yep! He came and laid the plywood with hardy backer. Not all good news tho because tile delivery was delayed a day. If you do not keep these guys busy everyday they leave you to go work other places. He promises me (Yes, I make them look me in the eye and promise) he will be back today.

Thursday: Re-delivery of appliances. Yep- that did happen.  Did it go without a hitch???? Of course not………….need to drop a 220 for our Wolf range. I am so not happy with my electrician who happens to be on vacation this week. 

Friday: Movers to come to put our furniture back in place. Yeah – that won’t happen because of all the above delays. Oh well!  Whatcha goin do?? It is not the end of the world. 



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