Demo on Delaware – Farm Sinks and Ways to Install Them

We will have a Shaw farm sink in our new kitchen. But, there may be  a glitch. Or, I may be freaking out for no reason at all because my cabinet guy said, “Trust me, don’t worry, you will be happy!!” I really love being happy!! But it bugs me when anyone says “trust me”!! It just automatically makes me NOT trust em!

Here it our sink just hanging out until it is installed. My worry are the square corners of the cabinets and the rounded corners of the sink.  Once it is installed he will add the wood to the corners and make it  look perfect. Oh,  I love perfect but right now  all these little details are stressing me. I am fretting that you will be able to see where the wood is added. I have decided that my next remodel I won’t need to stress out as I will be a more experienced “remodeler extraordinarire”.

Here is the sink on the  Rohl brochure which shows exactly what my cabinet guy is trying to convince me about. If you look real close this is exactly what has been done on this sink.

This, in my opinion is the best way to install a farm sink that has a rounded bottom and of course this is exactly what I want!!

This sink installation if seamless – perfect!!!


This one is perfect installation also

source: houzz

Ditto on this one

Ditto again

Now here is another way to install the farm sink………….it sits on a dark stained ledge. I am not sure if I like it or not. I think I need to actually see one in person.

This farm sink sits on a ledge. Ahhh, I love this kitchen. Beautiful window to look out at what looks like a lovely backyard. The marble countertop are luscious!!

source: houzz

 When a sink sits on a ledge it seems to give it a tad bit of a contemporary flair. I like how the ledge ties in with the windows above the sink.

source: houzz

This sink has a gap entirely around it and that is exactly what I do not want. But, I would of probably never have noticed it had I not been installing a farm sink.

source: bhg 

Ok – now I am being super picky. No, not picky but very, very particular. Seriously do you see that grout line under that sink. I do not think I could go to sleep at night with that!!! But, again this ledge design seems to go with more of a contemporary or eclectic style.

source: pinterest

Well this is very cool!! Great idea for pull outs under the sink – I see their disposal but I wonder where the water pipes are???  It’s just kinda hard to put pull outs under the  kitchen sink but I sure do love pull outs!!

Well besides this being a very beautiful kitchen, this sink has about 1/8 inch all the way around it. Hmmmm – just was thinking my sink would fit tighter and without the use of grout!!!!

Although the corners are rounded the bottom of this sink is flat so I think it makes it easier to disguise the cut out for the sink.

source: bhg 

So many ways to install a farm sink. Which one do you think is best?? I would love to hear your comments.

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10 thoughts on “Demo on Delaware – Farm Sinks and Ways to Install Them

  1. I love a farm sink and I am sure a good carpenter can make the rounded bottom where no one will notice. BTW, your remodel is coming right along and looking great. I admire you for survivng this.

    • Thank you Pam – the wood floors were finished today and hopefully appliances delivered next week. It has been fun and challenging at the same time. Ready to have our furniture back for sure.

  2. I am going through your exact experience right now with the same sink. Did the cabinet guy fix the corners correctly? I am freaking out about our sink too.

  3. just like the previous commenter, my wife is freaking out.

    she purchased a farm sink and is very disappointed with how the front of it aligns with the counter. (i think the installer did not cut the countertop too large, which forced him to slide the sink too far back.) i have taken photos with an explanation of the problem at

    would you please glance at the photos and tell me if you can think of ANY solution to the alignment problem? are any sorts of farm sink lips or extenders or spacers available?

    thank you very much!

  4. oops! i see that i had a typo in my post just a minute ago. i meant to say that he DID cut the countertop too large… rather than that he did NOT cut the countertop too large. thanks again for any help you or your readers can offer!

    • Randy: I so understand the “freaking out” part. Building a house or remodeling is stressful. I would consider looking for another larger sink. I do think farm sinks look better with a bonnet. I had so many pictures to show my cabinets and marble guys. When communication fails………pictures don’t. Maybe you could sell this sink on Craigslist or ebay. Your soapstone is beautiful. I don’t know if this helps. I will keep thinking!!!

  5. I love that sink! If you don’t mind me asking, how much was it and where did you purchase it? I’m very interested in purchasing one just like it. What are the dimensions of the one you bought? Your kitchen is looking fabulous!

  6. Hi Debra,

    My husband and I are looking to buy a farm sink and running into the same issues and worries you had with yours. What was the final outcome? Did you let your contractor cut the farm sink base and then fill the triangle gap, or did they cut/round the edges? Looking forward to hearing from you!

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