Demo on Delaware – Things are Looking Up!

It has not been what I would call a “fun” week  with this remodel. Kinda felt like I was hearing a lot of excuses!!  I was just getting over the framing of a new and larger window – then my wood floor guys had van troubles and my brick mason did not show up either. I also found out that our new front door needs to be “re-installed” – which I will get to that later. Maybe it was just a bad Monday but nevertheless frustrating. But, as of right this moment we are back on track and making progress.

I do think Jan, our brick mason, does incredible work. She filled in a window for us on the back of the house and you can not even tell. Our house is the old used brick and not one brick is the same size.

Here is the before. I know you all want to pin this photo!  If the plywood is not bad enough, the insulation randomly stuffed along the frame is just as tacky!! Actually we stuffed that insulation there to keep our air conditioning from escaping.

This is what we are looking at from the inside of our kitchen. Great window treatment don’t ya think?


She knows the right amount of color to add to the cement for it to match the existing mortar which has been there for 46 years. After a couple of weeks of curing,  it will all match up.

Meanwhile…………The floor guys are hard workers. They have sanded and filled for the last two days and now they start applying the stain. Love the color.

These are the nicest guys – very considerate and willing  to please. I guess we’ve been pretty lucky during this remodel with our workers other than the one who took 30 minute smoke breaks every hour, so I had to tell him I did not need him anymore, and then one guy who talked all the freaking time!!! Yeah, had to explain to him that I was paying him to work not to talk! Awkward! Ya know when they get the iphone out showing you work they’ve done in the past and they’re working for you in the present – I get a little cranky!!

The first coat of seal for the wood floors has been added and now we wait for two more to be applied then we can have our new appliances delivered plus our marble countertops! Oh boy – hurry up and wait!! We’re getting there.

I am wanting to use a pastry table as an island

Here is my list of what remains to be done -

  • two more coats of the sealer on the new wood floors
  • install new base boards and crown moulding
  • delivery and installation of new appliance
  • install marble countertops
  • install new windows
  • repair new front door
  • have electrician install fixture over sink, breakfast room table, butlers pantry,dining room foyer and front porch
  • have movers bring our furniture back (oh!!! happy dance for sure)
  • finish plans for banquette
  • figure out how to finish the fire place ( that will be a post asking for your opinions)
  • Paint exterior of home
  • Tile the laundry and beverage bar
  • Finish bath off of the laundry
  • oh dear………….there is so much more!

 Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting my little blog. I would love to hear your comments.

Bye for now.


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