New Marble Countertops

Still making progress! What should of happened last week, happened today. Have to say that our Shaw Farm sink by Rohl has caused some problems. Since each sink is hand made, they vary in their measurements. They say +/- 2%. I have asked 2% of what?? Do not have that answer yet. The right side of the sink is 1/4″ higher that the left. Thank goodness for shims.


Crema Marfil Marble – white and cream kitchen = love it!!

Tomorrow our plumber Eddie comes (or so he says) and we will have running water and a dishwasher.  I promise I will never ever complain about emptying the dishwasher again!! Girl Scouts Honor. Pinky Promise and all that jazz. Also, our cabinet guy Roy will also install the panels on our fridge, dishwasher and install our hardware.

We’re getting there!!!

Things I Love Week – X Stools

I  have so many things on my want list. I get my “wants” confused with my “needs”.  I want it – therefore I need it. My husband has heard it a million times. He turns a death ear at this point in our marriage.

As I have been checking out all of these stools I have also discovered that they have not always been called “X Stools”  but it’s also a curule, a Dante chair, Savonarola chair, a Faldistorium or even a scissors chair. I discovered this bit of info from the Design Sponge.

My “want” now are a couple of X stools for our living room. So many choices.  These particular stools have too much of straight line for me. I want the more “curvy” look.

They provide extra seating

I really like these with the nail heads.  Wow – this is a pretty dramatic room!! I think they are fans of Gone With the Wind – what do you think? . Whats up with the evil look on her face tho???

I love the curvy detail especially with the added fringe. X stools can be used any where in your home. 


These bleached wood beauties were found on 1st Dibs

Looks like this X stool resides in a foyer – serene beauty.


They even adapt for a more contemporary flair

French antique giltwood Charles X Stool from Alhambra Antiques – beautimous!!!!!

They also make great coffee tables


Love this outdoor room.


They can be used at the end of the bed

I love the color combo here………turquoise velvet!! Yum!


I like this style but minus the black and animal print


Have you ever thought about using some X stools somewhere in your home? If you are using them, I would love to see them.

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Demo on Delaware – Appliance Installation in Progress

Merry Christmas to us!!! Finally! Finally! We got to a point where the appliances could be delivered. Now I could move beyond the visualization stage in my mind and see the real deal. I could not wait to get this baby off the truck. I have wanted a Wolf range for so long!

Getting closer to the front door! Come to me baby!

and of course our Bella has to supervise everyone!!

I have become accustomed to things not going smoothly for the last couple of weeks. So, of course, my electrician did not install a 220 for the Wolf but only a 110. And of course he is on vacation this week!! Dang it!! The burners work tho since they’re gas but  have to use a match. Not the end of the world!!

 Roy, our cabinet guy, has  totally has solved the problem with our farm sink I discussed in this post. He used Bondo!!! The cool thing about Bondo, which is used to repair cars, ends up being as hard as the wood but then sands like butter.

 Ahhhhhh…………….Bondo is da bomb!!

 But, I have a big issue with these farm sinks. I will need to do a post only on them as they are very challenging !

Another bit of progress is that the laundry and small bath is being tiled.  I picked a 4 X 8 tumbled travertine laid in a brick fashion. It’s going to be very cool!! The counter will be Ivory Gold granite although there is not that much gold in it.


 And the baseboards are about 75% finished! I choose a 5 1/2 inch base and painted it Ben Moore’s Edgecomb Gray in a pearl finish. Love that color.

All corners have been bull nosed in our remodel – and we found round pieces of base to fit on the bull nose.  I used a local company named H3 Custom Wood Mouldings.  It is like a candy store!

 Bullnose base corners from H3 Custom Wood Mouldings

 Hopefully our counter tops will be installed tomorrow or the next day!! So close !!  But still so much to do!

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A Week When NOTHING Went Right!!!!

Have you ever been so close to finishing things but you still feel so far away? That is how I how felt the last week. I had every day planned and scheduled. Or, so I thought. Silly me!!

Friday: Deliver Appliances Nope! That did not happen!! I had plumbing and electrical that needed to be moved. Had to reschedule. How depressing!!

Monday: Our carpenter Mike was to come to start installing trim and baseboards. Nope! That did not happen either as he was still on another job. 

Tuesday:  Our painter Kevin was coming to finish up the painting. Nope – that did not happen either!! He also was hung up on another job. I am really feeling screwed here.

Wednesday:  Tile guy Lance to come and start laying tile in our laundry room and small bathroom.  Yep! He came and laid the plywood with hardy backer. Not all good news tho because tile delivery was delayed a day. If you do not keep these guys busy everyday they leave you to go work other places. He promises me (Yes, I make them look me in the eye and promise) he will be back today.

Thursday: Re-delivery of appliances. Yep- that did happen.  Did it go without a hitch???? Of course not………….need to drop a 220 for our Wolf range. I am so not happy with my electrician who happens to be on vacation this week. 

Friday: Movers to come to put our furniture back in place. Yeah – that won’t happen because of all the above delays. Oh well!  Whatcha goin do?? It is not the end of the world. 



The Devil is in the Detail – Choosing Cabinet Hardware

I hate it when people are so honest! A friend told me that “I may be” over thinking making  a decision on our hardware.  She could be right. But to my defense it is not that I am “over thinking” as it is that there are so many wonderful choices available.  It is really hard to make a decision.   There are knobs, drop pulls, backplates, cap pulls, latches and handles. How to combine all of the hardware choices is the trick!

Look at all the ways hardware can be used in these kitchens.

Using only knobs – I am assuming they wanted the cabinet hardware to blend into the white cabinet.

This is also a knobs only kitchen – these also blend into the cabinetry.


another kitchen I love with knobs only.

Knobs only in what looks like a brushed nickel


Here is a normal combination of kitchen hardware – knobs on the upper cabinets and handles on the bottom cabinets.


Knobs on the upper cabinets and cup pulls on lower cabinets

Handles on upper and cup pulls on lower


Knobs on upper and cup pulls lower ( love this kitchen!)

Cup pulls and latches

Cup Pulls – and that vent hood is beyond incredible

Knobs and vertical handles


Only handles


Handles, knobs and drop pulls

 Half knobs – half handles ( love this kitchen also!!)


knobs and drop pulls

Decisions! Decisions!  Here is what I have picked out so far. I ended up going with Top Knobs hardware using their antique pewter.

This is the 18″ appliance pull for the paneled refrigerator and dishwasher and chest on chest. I will also use a 6″ for some of my cabinets.

For the laundry room I picked out these knobs and cup pulls

For the butlers pantry  large drawers

 and the smaller drawers this backplate & knob

 I also love these that  from Bouvet for the bookshelves in our family room

or I may just use this simple knob also from Bouvet

 Things are moving right along with our remodel. But unfortunately there have been some issues in the last week. Lessons learned for sure. I will share those with you in the next post.

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“IF” I Was Having a Fourth of July Party This is How I Would Do It!!

If I was celebrating the 4th at our home – which I am not because of the remodel everything is still packed away in boxes!! When you can’t do something it just makes you want to do it even more and do it big. SO! If money were no object this is how I would do it. I would go even crazier than Martha and plus I would do it all myself. Who needs a staff when you are just as capable?

I would line the drive with these planters full of perfect and healthy geraniums adorning American Flags

Our front porch will look very festive with the newly painted blue shutters and porch swing, the fun bunting that I made along with all the cute pillows.  We rented that cute dog because our black and yellow labs do not coordinate with our July 4th colors.

We also like to use our red vintage pickup to serve fresh homemade lemonade


When the door bell rings,  I would greet our guest wearing this cute little dress


or maybe this dress………..I just can’t decide because they’re both cute. Maybe I will get both and change during the party.


and my perfect husband would for sure want to coordinate with what I am wearing

 We will have a tray of Pop Rockin” Red, White & Blue Cocktails which is cranberry and vodka, or pomegranate juice and seltzer. For the blue rimmed touch, we dampened the glass with lemon juice then dipped the rim of the cup into a tray of Pop Rocks (Tropical Punch). Yes, Pop Rocks! Who would of thunk??


Our guest will enter into our front room with a sofa that I slip covered in a bold red check along with blue ticking ottoman and chair

For those guests that will spend the night I will show them their room before they go outside to join the festivities.


 Then stroll out with drink in hand to our gazebo with the view of our private lake


You can’t beat a traditional July 4th menu – kobe beef hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans and cole slaw.

We will have several dessert stations set up with so many treats our guests will have a hard time deciding what to choose!! Here is one to make you own strawberry shortcake

Another table of jello shots – wouldn’t be the 4th without em! Can’t just offer one style of them – has to be at least two!!

source and source

Decisions   Decisions

Since it will be hot, nothing cools you off like an ice cream sandwich – July 4th style!!


These are fun little pick up treats

Before our private firework display we will hand out sparklers…………….it wouldn’t be the 4th without twirling your very own sparkler!!! Don’t you agree?


Another perfect July 4th at our home!! It’s going to be a hard act to follow next year.

Too bad it is all a spoof!!

Happy Birthday American – I hope everyone has a wonderful celebration and that is as perfect as mine will be!!!


Demo on Delaware – Farm Sinks and Ways to Install Them

We will have a Shaw farm sink in our new kitchen. But, there may be  a glitch. Or, I may be freaking out for no reason at all because my cabinet guy said, “Trust me, don’t worry, you will be happy!!” I really love being happy!! But it bugs me when anyone says “trust me”!! It just automatically makes me NOT trust em!

Here it our sink just hanging out until it is installed. My worry are the square corners of the cabinets and the rounded corners of the sink.  Once it is installed he will add the wood to the corners and make it  look perfect. Oh,  I love perfect but right now  all these little details are stressing me. I am fretting that you will be able to see where the wood is added. I have decided that my next remodel I won’t need to stress out as I will be a more experienced “remodeler extraordinarire”.

Here is the sink on the  Rohl brochure which shows exactly what my cabinet guy is trying to convince me about. If you look real close this is exactly what has been done on this sink.

This, in my opinion is the best way to install a farm sink that has a rounded bottom and of course this is exactly what I want!!

This sink installation if seamless – perfect!!!


This one is perfect installation also

source: houzz

Ditto on this one

Ditto again

Now here is another way to install the farm sink………….it sits on a dark stained ledge. I am not sure if I like it or not. I think I need to actually see one in person.

This farm sink sits on a ledge. Ahhh, I love this kitchen. Beautiful window to look out at what looks like a lovely backyard. The marble countertop are luscious!!

source: houzz

 When a sink sits on a ledge it seems to give it a tad bit of a contemporary flair. I like how the ledge ties in with the windows above the sink.

source: houzz

This sink has a gap entirely around it and that is exactly what I do not want. But, I would of probably never have noticed it had I not been installing a farm sink.

source: bhg 

Ok – now I am being super picky. No, not picky but very, very particular. Seriously do you see that grout line under that sink. I do not think I could go to sleep at night with that!!! But, again this ledge design seems to go with more of a contemporary or eclectic style.

source: pinterest

Well this is very cool!! Great idea for pull outs under the sink – I see their disposal but I wonder where the water pipes are???  It’s just kinda hard to put pull outs under the  kitchen sink but I sure do love pull outs!!

Well besides this being a very beautiful kitchen, this sink has about 1/8 inch all the way around it. Hmmmm – just was thinking my sink would fit tighter and without the use of grout!!!!

Although the corners are rounded the bottom of this sink is flat so I think it makes it easier to disguise the cut out for the sink.

source: bhg 

So many ways to install a farm sink. Which one do you think is best?? I would love to hear your comments.

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Demo on Delaware – Things are Looking Up!

It has not been what I would call a “fun” week  with this remodel. Kinda felt like I was hearing a lot of excuses!!  I was just getting over the framing of a new and larger window – then my wood floor guys had van troubles and my brick mason did not show up either. I also found out that our new front door needs to be “re-installed” – which I will get to that later. Maybe it was just a bad Monday but nevertheless frustrating. But, as of right this moment we are back on track and making progress.

I do think Jan, our brick mason, does incredible work. She filled in a window for us on the back of the house and you can not even tell. Our house is the old used brick and not one brick is the same size.

Here is the before. I know you all want to pin this photo!  If the plywood is not bad enough, the insulation randomly stuffed along the frame is just as tacky!! Actually we stuffed that insulation there to keep our air conditioning from escaping.

This is what we are looking at from the inside of our kitchen. Great window treatment don’t ya think?


She knows the right amount of color to add to the cement for it to match the existing mortar which has been there for 46 years. After a couple of weeks of curing,  it will all match up.

Meanwhile…………The floor guys are hard workers. They have sanded and filled for the last two days and now they start applying the stain. Love the color.

These are the nicest guys – very considerate and willing  to please. I guess we’ve been pretty lucky during this remodel with our workers other than the one who took 30 minute smoke breaks every hour, so I had to tell him I did not need him anymore, and then one guy who talked all the freaking time!!! Yeah, had to explain to him that I was paying him to work not to talk! Awkward! Ya know when they get the iphone out showing you work they’ve done in the past and they’re working for you in the present – I get a little cranky!!

The first coat of seal for the wood floors has been added and now we wait for two more to be applied then we can have our new appliances delivered plus our marble countertops! Oh boy – hurry up and wait!! We’re getting there.

I am wanting to use a pastry table as an island

Here is my list of what remains to be done -

  • two more coats of the sealer on the new wood floors
  • install new base boards and crown moulding
  • delivery and installation of new appliance
  • install marble countertops
  • install new windows
  • repair new front door
  • have electrician install fixture over sink, breakfast room table, butlers pantry,dining room foyer and front porch
  • have movers bring our furniture back (oh!!! happy dance for sure)
  • finish plans for banquette
  • figure out how to finish the fire place ( that will be a post asking for your opinions)
  • Paint exterior of home
  • Tile the laundry and beverage bar
  • Finish bath off of the laundry
  • oh dear………….there is so much more!

 Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting my little blog. I would love to hear your comments.

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