I Did Something Rather Bold to the Brick on our Home

I have always loved smeared brick. I have always not  loved the herringbone brick on the front of our home.  I love herringbone pattern but I think that the mortar joint between the bricks is way to thick. It bugs me!!  I have tried to figure out how to smear the brick but did not want to paint it and then have it sandblasted off. So, I had a “what the heck” moment last weekend and decided to mix up some of my white cement with sand that I used in this post and randomly apply it to the bricks on the front of our home. My reasoning was that if I did not like it the worst that could happen  would be that I would have to scrub it back off.

I did not think to take a picture before I started – so this photo shows half of it done and half not done.

Here is a close up – you can tell that the mortar joints are a tad to large.

I am happy with the results. The freaky thing is that for the next 3 nights we had rain storms and I knew I would wake up to all of it washed off – but it has stayed on. After a couple of weeks I will need to seal it.


How I did it:

I mixed 1/2 cup white cement ( has to be white!!) with 1 cup sand. Slowly added 1/2 cup water until I got a consistency that I would stick to a yucky paint brush. I started applying the mixture from the mortar in. I changed up my application with each brick so that it would be random.

It will dry rather quick. When it got  dry and chalky I would literally take my hand and rub off some of the cement – especially where brush strokes appeared.

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