Demo on Delaware – Picking Out Paint Colors Can Be Painful!!

We have now come to the point of our remodel that it’s time to paint!

Why is it that I can pick out paint colors for other people all day long but  can’t for myself?? I am loosing sleep over it! I don’t even want to tell you how many paint samples I have purchased.

Here is my dining room that I started doing a little sampling on. Kinda messy!

Then my friend who had also done a  remodel several years ago gave me some Painters Proofs which are her creation. You no longer have to put  sample paint directly on you wall. They are pre-cut and all you do is paint them then stick them to your wall. The adhesive on the back does not damage the wall and is easily removed to take your sample piece from room to room – or it can be rolled up to carry with you picking out fabrics, etc. Painters Proofs are a very neat and tidy concept!!!

After much anguish I decided on Ben Moore’s Affinity Pashmina (AF 100) for the wall color and Edgecomb Grey (HC 173) for all of the trim. Pashmina is such a dreamy color – I love it.  It is a very rich taupe color but it certainly photographs very grey.


Now that the painting is done our wood floor will be installed. Making progress one day at a time.

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