In Search for the Perfect Banquette

“Banquette” derives from the French word for an upholstered bench placed up against or built into a wall. Whether for dining or gazing out a window, a banquette is intimate and casual. Banquettes have been popular since the French aristocracy put benches in their dining rooms and covered them with tapestry cushions.

We’ve never had a banquette and now we have a perfect place for one.  Space is very limited in our kitchen and that is why banquettes are perfect. I will need to place it under a window so that situation limits how tall the back of the banquette can be.

In my search for banquettes there has been some incredible images. When I look at these images I dissect them to see what elements of the image I like and can use. You can take so many ideas away from just one photo. You may not use the ideas in just one room of your home but you can incorporate them throughout your home.

I think this is an incredible use of space. Although this style of banquette would not work into my plan I love it. Whoever designed it took a boring little corner and created a functional area. I love the fabric, trim…….is it nailheads?? It has a circular table which sits more people and this table could probably seat at least 6 people.

There is so much I love in this image. The ceiling for one, then the used brick behind the range, then the black doors but now look at that banquette! I wish I could see the rest of this home! It only has to get better. What I like about the banquette is the tufting and the nailhead design below!! I love how they finished off the side with pleats. Of course, they also have a beautiful table. WOW oh WOW!!

Here is  banquette that sits in front of a window like ours will. We also want storage under our seating.

Another banquette pushed up to the window but with a rectangular table.

This banquette is against a bookshelf wall so that means you can place a banquette almost anywhere.  I love the monochromatic color scheme plus those chairs are on my want list!

Perfect area for a banquette! Can you imagine the bay window area with a table and chairs??? Now they have the same if not more seating with the banquette! I do think they need to add cushion seating thought.

One of my favs!! Love the height, the nail heads and the contrasting color in the bench fabric. Oh, and that table sitting in front of the banquette is very special also!!

Here is another banquette that sits in front of a window. The shape of the upholstered back works well and the storage underneath is a bonus. Again the table and chairs are perfect and I would gladly accept them!!

This banquette provides lots of seating! But where are the cushions to make the area more comfy??

This is a very pretty banquette. Great seating around a long oval table. That wicker chair is such a perfect accent.

I love all the colorful & cheerful pillows placed around this banquette which also has nice storage. Another chair that I think is fabulous!

There is more to love in this image focusing on a banquette. Wish I could tell about the fabric. The beams in the ceiling and the great lantern lighting.  Just a perfect place to get all cozy!

To me this banquette should be in a restaurant setting but I see a lamp on a pedestal stand that looks more like it would be in a home. Plus if you look at the reflection of the awesome pendant lighting I think it’s a home. But, I love the taupy platinum color of the fabric that has been tufted. I love the shape of the chairs – they are perfect for this banquette.

I love this huge window banquette and how it is in perfect balance with the window.   And of course you know I love nailhead trim.

To me this banquette oozes personality! Everything about it awesome. Actually everything in the room is great. Look at all those candlesticks, planks walls and look at the cute corner shelves that show off wonderful teapots. 

Attention to detail at it’s finest!! I think this banquette arrangement is breathtaking – the window, beams, lantern, sconces by the window, niches and on and on!! Someone was really using their noggin when they designed the area. Attention to detail at it’s finest!!

This is a bit more of a window seat but add a table and you have a banquette!

You can even use a sofa for your banquette area.


Very pretty! I am really thinking this shape banquette is my fav!

Great use of space with using a banquette.

This is one fancy banquette!! Kinda looks like a pew on the ends.

You can order this sofa though Vanguard Furniture and use as a banquette.

Or here is one you can order thru Ballard Design – they have lots of fabric to choose from.

Here it is in a black & white stripe!

I hope I did not over load you with banquette photos. So many wonderful ideas.  Just makes me super anxious to get started on ours!!

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon.


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